DIY Projects to Make Laptop Case

Do you want to have a laptop case, but you think that it isn’t in your budget? It’s good for you to do the laptop case by yourself. Here there are easy as well as pretty DIY laptop tutorials below. You may get inspiration from it and make a unique one by your imagination.

These DIY projects can not only save your money, but also give you stylish ideas to create laptop case on your own. The projects below can be recreated to carry laptops, ipads and your portable phones. When you want the case to protect the ipads or portable phones, you can just make it small according to the same process.

Have no hesitation to take a look at the DIY projects. Make a new laptop case in your own style and give necessary protection to your electronic products. Click the links and find the step-by-step tutorials.

Color Blocked Case
Color Blocked Case via
Navaho Printed Case
Navaho Printed Case via
White Case
White Case via
Laptop Sleeve
Laptop Sleeve via
Leather Laptop Sleeve
Leather Laptop Sleeve via
Pretty Laptop Case
Pretty Laptop Case via
Floral Laptop Case
Floral Laptop Case via
Beautiful Laptop Case
Beautiful Laptop Case via
Brown Laptop Case
Brown Laptop Case via
Cute Laptop Case
Cute Laptop Case via
Grey Ipad Case
Grey Ipad Case via
Blue Case
Blue Case via
Chic Laptop Case
Chic Laptop Case via

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