Hairstyle Trend From Fashion Shows – Hairstyles for 2024

Cheer up, ladies. We’ve prepared the most inspiring spring hair trends for you. Are you ready to enjoy them? You can also perfect them by next spring so that you can be the most shining star and trend leader among your friends.

Hairstyle Trends For Spring Braids

Braids are popular with young ladies. They are adorable  and  variable, and they will look quite outstanding when combined with a nice outfit. For the Rebecca Minkoff show, with Frida Kahlo as the central image,the stylists were wholly inspired by the Mexican culture. Meanwhile, for the Calla Paris collection, inspired by the 90’s surf culture, the stylists chose some interesting fishtail braids which were thread with neon ribbons.



The ponytail, another trendy hairstyle for next spring, has been redefined by stylists from fashion shows. No matter it is the sleek approach in the Cushnie et Ochs stylist Rodney Cultler,or it is wrapped by thick pieces of leather at Helmut Lang, it can always be eye-catching. Here are some ways used by stylists to shake the trend.

The Wet Look

The wet look is an ideal choice for you if you miss the beach. Stylist Odile Gilbert make this hairstyle by pulling the front sections of the hair over the  ears, tying them back and slicking the top with gel. As for Guido Palau, Redken’s hairstylist, he chose a structural appearance for the Rag & Bone show,hardening the top with gel and softening the bottom waves.

The Wave

Do you still remember the sexy decade,the 90’s, when we imitated the cool girls’ hairstyles? The Alexander Wang’s spring 2014 show was just inspired by it.This time, Guido Palau created some texture by using hairspray and a curling wand.

Models in the BCBG show looked so resplendent  and alive with a central part and soft waves. The secret of making such natural waves is to use a rather light touch with the curling iron.

Glamorous Rolls

Here is another look which was inspired by the 20’s and recreated by Peter Gray for the Badgley Mischka show.First, a horizontal braid was made and hidden at the nap of the neck,and it was also the base for the vintage rolls. Then, some texture was added to the model’s hair and the stylist began to do the rolls.

Double French Twist

The double french twist is such a lovely hairstyle. It could be seen at the Carolina Herrera’s show. You can do this hairstyle by parting the hair and dividing it into two sections so that you can make a cute and structural updo on each side.

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