Most Popular Hair Removal Methods This Year

While many women have an issue of hair removal to be made, there are several options available that don’t require pain or heating molten liquids as the methods of old.

Hair Removal
Hair Removal

The struggle if hair removal is simpler now whether it is simple fuzz or harsh growth, new treatments are ever evolving for this centuries old problem.

Excess hair, and the removal of it, is an ancient art. Traditionally many who share an ethic heritage may have excess air. This problem may be an acute condition arising from hormonal changes- as with menopause- or could be an assortment of medical conditions affecting the hormones resulting in changes on hair growth as a side effect or symptom.

Some women are just naturally hirsute, and want proper maintenance techniques to combat this for comfort and cleanliness in grooming.

There are many ways to cope with this and just as many experts to help find whats perfect for you and your invested time.

Hair Removal Technique: Laser/Pulsed Light

Who is the best candidate for this?

The best qualified for this would be ladies having dark hair and light skin. White or blond hair is not affected by lasers. Removal of hair by a laser can be effectively done anywhere on the body. Experts say those of an African background would be better suited for the Nd:YAG laser as increased risks of hyperpigmentation and darkened spots occur with many lasers. Skin may burn or scar in extreme cases.

How does it work?

Energy shoots down the hair shaft and destroys hair roots in the follicle. The pulsed light is the most popular of the hair removal treatments. Over the course of a few weeks the hair will start to fall out. Larger areas can be treated in one sitting, and after the first half a dozen sittings- it’s just once a year.

Hair Removal Technique: Electrolysis

Who is the best candidate for this?

Light haired women with white or blond hair that needs removed. Although this treatment can be used anywhere on the body, the face is the most popular location for this type of hair removal. This treatment does involve tiny needles- so hyperpigmentation from scarring can occur- making it not recommended for very dark skin.

How does it work?

Electrolysis destroys hair at a cellular level, and it’s permanent. So no regrowth. The hair is killed on the spot and patients see instant smoothness, but it does take on average 20 sittings of an average of 8 minutes to get all hair. It can cause discomfort, so experts recommend creams containing anesthetics.

Hair Removal Technique: Vaniqa

Who is the best candidate for this?

This is used primarily on the face and upper lip with non-pigmented, or light hair, that is not affected by lasers. It can be used by any ethic group and does not scar or cause hyperpigmentation, so it’s a safe option for dark skin. It’s best for use in small areas for control.

How does it work?

Vaniqa ( eflornithine 13.9%) is a prescription cream applied topically. It attacks on a molecular basis by blocking certain enzymes attributed with hair growth. Many ladies use this in addition to either of the two techniques above to hasten the results. Used on its own it may be up to 6 months to see complete results.

Hair removal has come a long way from the old tried and true: waxes, tweezers, and cold creams. Ladies today have many choices to find a technique that is right for them.

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