25 Hairstyles for Long Hair – Long Hairstyles 2024

A lot of people share the same view that the long hair symbolizes feminine character, romance and charm. Long hairstyles are always quite popular and attractive. Besides, the long hair can match any dress and it is proper for various situations. The fabulous long hairstyles have super versatility hair styling so they can offer you a myriad of advantages from styling. There are a great number of stunning long hairstyles from which you can choose. Thus, there is always an ideal and splendid one that can enhance your face shape, personality and lifestyle. You can choose the braided styles, ponytail hairstyles and cool half updos, which all look trendy and luscious.

Bark to Light Ombre Hair for 2014 - Loose Wavy Curly Hairstyle
Bark to Light Ombre Hair for 2014 – Loose Wavy Curly Hairstyle /Getty Images

Long blunt hairstyles appear gorgeous and it works better on women who own oval, round and square face shapes. Blunt hairstyles can contour your face charmingly. The best hair texture that can enhance the blunt hairstyles is straight texture because the hair can underline the hairstyle. You can also pair some bangs to the chic blunt cut or layered haircut, such as side sweeping bangs and baby bangs.

Long layered hairstyles are ideal option for fine or thick hair. Hair layers can create much volume so they can be a cool way to boost your charming long hair. When you opt for the layered hairstyles, it is wise that you ensure that the layers can enhance your hair texture and facial features. You can choose to create the heavy layers or the soft layers according to your hair texture, both of which can add much style and charm to your long hair. You can even begin from 2 layers to multiple layers or side sweeping bangs. If you desire a formal look, you can create deep layers. If you desire a casual look, you can get the layers out turned. Older women can also turn to layered hairstyle since you can just leave it loose and can also help to hide wrinkles on the neck. For a trendier look, you can highlight your bangs. You can choose to create the layered hairstyles left open, or fixed into a ponytail.

Long straight hairstyle is good-looking and fabulous and simple to create. Long flowing locks are always a symbol of charm and beauty. If you have long straight hair, you can try out a lot of different splendid and stunning hairstyles. The greatest advantage of the straight long hair is that it is quite simple to create and maintain. One length long straight hairstyle refers the hair cut in one length, which appear fabulous and stunning even though you allow them just as they are. You can just leave them loose; brush them in various fashions or even create them into a ponytail. If you are looking for bold long hairstyles, you can try out the charming choppy hairstyles with their layers and cut.

Long curly hair looks bouncy, charming and sexy. A safer way to gain the soft and voluminous curls and waves is to just choose a hair curling solution. If you desire tighter curls, you can use a bit of hairspray before rolling them. If you desire loose curls, you can use a bit of soft shine wax on the hair ends and a bit of hairspray to keep the curls excellently.

Updos look quite cool and fabulous. Bun styles are classic long hairstyles and they are also quite suitable for formal occasions. They can offer people a casual care-free style. If you desire to look mature yet charming, the messy bun can be your wise choice. If you want to look much younger and casual, you can turn to many other bun hairstyles that suit your hair texture. You can simply brush your hair and scoop them back and create it into a loose bun, fix it with a band. If you want a much messier look, you can use a bit of root volumizer and tousle it with your fingers.

Long Braid Hairstyles are quite popular and trendy this season. Long braid can make you eye-catching and modern. There are a great number of kinds of braids that you can choose from, such as French ones, Dutch ones, English braids, herringbone braids, mini French braids and English ones. All of them can bring you unmatched charm and style. You can choose one according to your mood and the situation.

Long curly hair does appear quite charming and chic but it also requires much care. Getting a suitable haircut and choosing the proper styling products can help keep your hair shiny. Curly hair tends to become frizzy lose moisture, thus, to avoid the split ends and add the lost moisture, you can choose a great moisturizing shampoo or use some other specially-made curly hairs products like frizz-control treatments, mousses and gels.

If you want the long hairstyle to keep in style longer, you can apply it some good-quality hairspray. Try out the various styles and you will certainly attract admiration!

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