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25 Hottest Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men

What man would say no to a hairstyle that makes him look effortlessly stylish yet chiseled and macho at the same time? Such a look might sound too good to be true, after all that is the combination that so many men strive for yet never seem to be able to find. However, the perfect hairstyle for men who want the best of both worlds does, in fact, exist and that is the faux hawk. The name of this look is a play on the words ‘fake Mohawk’, because it is a trendy adaptation of the more extreme Mohawk style. Unlike its predecessor, the faux hawk doesn’t require wearers to totally shave the sides of their hair or to spike up the central strip. It is, however, still an edgy and totally on trend hairdo that comes in many variations and can look great on any man.

Height and Fade

The secret to perfecting this hairstyle has just as much to do with how you comb it as it does to do with the actual cut. Keep the sides closely clipped and leave a little bit of length in the top. Comb the crown up and forward to sculpt a high faux hawk.

Faux Hawk Hair for Boys

Perfect Shape

The faux hawk is usually worn in a chiseled style, but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave yours looking rugged. This smooth style has all the height of a typical faux hawk cut, but has been pristinely shaped from the fade all the way up to the top, leaving it looking totally sleek.

Spike Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Jagged Point

If you like living life on the edge, then why not style the long top of your faux hawk into a knife’s edge shape? This perfectly sculpted hairdo is long and extreme with closely clipped sides and fashionable sideburns.

Long Faux Hawk

Short Back and Sides

This extreme fade faux hawk is a cool, updated version of the classic short back and sides cut, most commonly worn by soldiers. The small amount of hair on top makes this haircut perfect for men who don’t like to spend too much time fussing over their hair.

Men’s Fancy Faux Hawk

Fade with Sharp Lines

It would take a seriously skilled barber to recreate this sleek look. The sharp, angled hairline is trimmed to perfect precision and the faux hawk down the middle fades out in a gradual style.

Super Short Faux Hawk

The Perfect Length

You don’t have to opt for a graded shave or even a fade to rock a faux hawk. The hair in this look is kept relatively long all over and extra long on top, meaning it can be worn flattened down for formal occasions or waxed up like this on days (and nights) off.

Pulled up Hair

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut and the faux hawk couldn’t be more different. One is carefree and edgy while the other is traditional and associated with military style discipline. This cool, in between style is the ideal mix of the two.

Short Haircut

Double Lines

This faux hawk is one of the most stylish we’ve ever seen. Many men’s haircuts rely on sleek lines to finish them off, and this one uses two, right on top of each other. There are also three equally flattering lengths in one cut here, starting with the shaved sides and finished off with that long waxed-back top.

Parted Faux Hawk

Edgy Hairline

Gradual fade down the sides, hair slightly longer on top, this sounds almost like your average faux hawk. Only this one adds some truly unique twists, such as that textured top and the edgy line breaking up the bounary.

Natural Curly Faux Hawk

Hedgehog Spikes

Looking for a haircut that would be fit for the lead singer of a beloved boy band? If so, this is it! Keep the length of the faux hawk quite long and spike it up for a dashing style.

Deep Brown Faux Hawk

On Point

This edgy faux hawk is pretty close to the original Mohawk. Strong product has been used to slick the long hair up into structured spikes.

Edgy Faux Hawk

Tousled on Top

Wouldn’t you just love your hair to be as touchable and soft as this? The strawberry blond tuft on top of this faux hawk looks completely dreamy.

Best Faux Hawk Idea

Cool Quiff

A sleekly quaffed faux hawk like this one is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. The hair on top reminds us of an updated version of John Travolta as cool Danny Zuko in Grease.

Quiff Faux Hawk

The David Beckham

Perhaps the most famous faux hawk wearer of all time is David Beckham. You can emulate the style icon himself by trying out this layered, golden blonde look.

Brown Short Hair

Curly Top

Show off your boyish charm and good looks by wearing your hair in an angelic faux hawk style like this one. The golden curls on the top give the hair a texture which is just waiting to be touched.

Long Curly Locks for Men


From the perfectly straight spikes, to the severe side parting, right down to the faded sides and even the beard, this look is all about the strong angles. These contour the face, giving the impression of striking cheekbones.

Windblown Faux Hawk

Classic Cut

Wear your hair in this traditional, tapered style if you’re looking for a sure fire way to look completely handsome. This will look particularly great on men with naturally thick locks.

Mohawk Look

Slightly Scruffy

The choppy cut of the hair on top of this faux hawk leaves it looking just the right amount of messy. Team it with a shaved fade and a touch of face stubble and you’re sure to look devilishly handsome.

Easy Faux Hawk for Men

Seriously Spiked

It will take a whole lot of time, effort and hair product to perfect this look. You’ll find that it’s well worth the effort once you show off your punk rocker hairstyle.

Black Faux Hawk

Mini Quiff

This jet black hairstyle is yet another take on the good old fashioned short back and sides. Add a tiny gelled quiff in the front to leave your own unique mark on this cut.

Quiff Mohawk

Romantic Mop Top

Plenty of men have naturally curly locks which look great but can be difficult to style. Take the hassle out of your hairdressing by shaving the sides into a faux hawk, leaving loose curls on top.

Curly Faux Hawk

Extra Long

Finally, you can make a serious statement to world about your personality by going for a super long faux hawk. Man buns and ponytails are all the rage right now and this cut is ideal for both of those.

Ultra-long Faux Hawk
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