Indigo & Aqua in a Stunning Color Blend – Latest Ombre Hair Color Trend

Summer sea and night sky color! If mermaids existed this is how their hair would look!

Indigo & Aqua in a Stunning Color Blend
Indigo & Aqua in a Stunning Color Blend /Tumblr

The beautiful long hair is cut in long layers and styled into fabulous loose waves, which are tousled for a casual windswept or swaying sea-swept look!

The absolutely stunning colours combine beautifully blended blues from the natural colour spectrum that also create a superbly gauged contrast!  The top layer is coloured a deep, inky indigo like a cloudless midnight sky in summer and this contrasts with the pretty aqua shades of the blue-green ocean in a sleepy lagoon.

This style is totally 21st century high-fashion style and will create a real wave of admiration wherever you go!

How do you think of this blue ombre hair?

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