Lovely Cartoon Themed Nails for the Week

The post is going to show you some lovely cartoon themed nail designs here. These nail designs are inspired from the Disney cartoons. They can make people happy as well as remand people of their favorite cartoon images.

If you want to paint a nail art to remember your favorite Disney image, you can find many an idea in today’s post. Actually, it is not hard for every girl to glam the cartoon themed nail designs. The nail arts require simple manicure elements. When you want to paint a Mickey Mouse nail art, you can only add some dots or bows to the nails in order to make a prettier nail design. Don’t worry about the colors. You can choose any color you love for your nails for the week.

Now let’s check out these lovely nail arts. Hope you pick up one of the designs as your manicure for the next event. Enjoy!

Peter Pan Themed Nails
Peter Pan Themed Nails via
Disney Pointy Nails
Disney Pointy Nails via
Ocean Nails
Ocean Nails via
Pretty Nail Design
Pretty Nail Design via
Up Themed Nails
Up Themed Nails via
Frozen-inspired Nail Art
Frozen-inspired Nail Art via
Frozen Nail Art
Frozen Nail Art via
Lovely Cinderella Nails
Lovely Cinderella Nails via
Cinderella Slipper Manicure
Cinderella Slipper Manicure via
Cinderella Themed Nails
Cinderella Themed Nails via
Black and White Mickey Mouse Nails
Black and White Mickey Mouse Nails via
Mickey Mouse Nails
Mickey Mouse Nails via
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