Nail Designs to Try: Amazing Nail Arts for the Week

Why not start a week with a new manicure? What do you want for your nails for this week? Maybe you don’t have any idea yet. Don’t worry. Today’s post can help you out. It is going to introduce some amazing nail designs to you.

In the post, you will find something adorable for your nails. Some of the nail arts are painted in pastel colors in order to create a spring vibe. Other nail arts show the sun and the flowers of spring. We are sure that all the nail arts can create a nice week for you.

Now let’s check out the nail designs and begin to paint one of them right away.

Tartan Nails
Tartan Nails via
Tri-tone Nails
Tri-tone Nails via
3D Nail Art
3D Nail Art via
Green Nails
Green Nails via
Blue Flower Nails
Blue Flower Nails via
Shoelace Nails
Shoelace Nails via
Blue Nails
Blue Nails via
Ombre Nails
Ombre Nails via
White Nails with Glitter
White Nails with Glitter via
Green Stripe Nails
Green Stripe Nails via
Sunflower Nails
Sunflower Nails via
Pretty Nails
Pretty Nails via
Neon Green Nails
Neon Green Nails via
Peach Nails
Peach Nails via
Floral Nails
Floral Nails via
Cute Nails
Cute Nails via
Funny Nails
Funny Nails via
Sun Nails
Sun Nails via
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