This New Beauty App is Changing Everything, and We’ve Got An Invite For You!

Something huge is happening in the beauty world! I was lucky to be invited by a friend to join a new app called BeauByte, and I’m blown away by the fun and positive experience I’m having. I’ll cover all the basics in this post, but to sum it up: BeauByte has all of the best parts of your favorite social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest, combined with Tinder-like personal matching features and online shopping all rolled into one.

The app is currently invitation only, but at the end of this post is a link to download the app with an invite code AND you’ll get $5 to spend in the shop! Make sure to act fast though, because only a limited number of invites are available. Once they’re used up, they’re gone.

After downloading the app, I completed a beauty quiz that matched me with other users that share similar attributes. From there, I could quickly swipe through looks and products (Tinder style). The more people and products I liked, the more the app learned my preferences and personalized my feed.


BeauByte’s content is created by us, the app users, and isn’t based on popularity or number of followers. By scrolling through selfies, you can see exactly which products people used, read reviews, and even instantly add products to your cart or like them for later.

I posted a selfie, tagging the products I used in my look. If my selfie influences someone to buy a product, I earn BeauBux that can be used towards my purchases just like cash. Inspiration is seriously rewarding, and pretty soon, I was seeing my creativity pay off.

Navigating the app is personalized, fun, rewarding, and super positive! It’s cool to see firsthand how products work, earn points simply by swiping, or leaving a review, get inspired by someone’s look, and spot trends just as they’re taking off.

As you continue to share and like looks, buy products, and inspire others, you’ll rise in the ranks, earning points and unlocking even higher levels of rewards, including product discounts, free shipping, free trial sizes and more.


Seeing is believing, and I highly recommend checking out the app for yourself. You can download the app from Apple’s App Store using THIS LINK. When you open the app, you’ll be asked for your invitation code. Use code PRETTYDESIGNS, and you’ll automatically receive $5 in your BeauBux account to be used towards any purchase.

Here’s a tip: If you rack up 1,000 points before you make your first purchase (easily done by posting a selfie, uploading a profile pic, swiping left or right on a few posts in your feed), you’ll qualify for free shipping on your first order! A lot of the items in the store sell for under $25, so that $5 is about 20% off, plus the free shipping – awesome deal!

Only a limited number of invites are available, so download BeauByte now!

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