How to Shape Your Eyebrows Flawlessly



Shaping your eyebrows can be a challenge. Even if you have the right products, the right makeup brushes, and the right knowledge regarding how to fill in and define your brows, determining the perfect shape to follow when applying product to your eyebrows can still be difficult. Shaping your eyebrows incorrectly can create an unattractive, unnatural appearance that looks fake and should be avoided at all costs. In order to create natural, defined eyebrows that complement your face and eyes, read on to discover how to shape your eyebrows flawlessly.

1. Start Off Right



An important thing to know when you start to shape your eyebrows is where you should start. Rely on plucking, threading, or waxing to change the natural start of your eyebrows. Don’t try to falsify where your eyebrows begin using product.

Your eyebrows should ideally begin at each side of the bridge of your nose. If they don’t, see a professional eyebrow shaper to rectify this rather applying your product too close together or too far apart from where your eyebrow hairs actually start to grow.

2. Don’t Fake Anything



Never try to fake the natural shape of your eyebrows using eyebrow pencil, gel, or cream. This falsification can only lead to unsightly, witchy results that are Halloween-ready, but certainly not grocery store-ready.

Eyebrow product is meant to define and enhance your eyebrows, not draw new eyebrows onto your skin. Always follow the natural shape and arch of YOUR eyebrows, not the beautiful eyebrows you saw on Instagram, when applying product. Imitating the shape of someone else’s eyebrows that are different than your own can never work out well for you.

3. Enhance Your Arch



Focusing your eyebrow product on your eyebrow’s natural arch can help enhance the natural shape of your brows to make them appear more like the eyebrows you see showcased in magazines without straying from the shape in which your eyebrows naturally grow.

Keep the product you apply to the inner edges of your eyebrows light and gradually darken it as you reach the arch and outer edge of your brow. Concentrate the most product on the natural curve or angle of your eyebrows to help them look more neatly shaped. Be sure to blend the product sufficiently, however, to avoid a chunky and uneven look.

4. Be Precise



Precision is key when it comes to applying product to your brows and shaping them successfully. You never want your eyebrows to look messy or unruly after you’ve shaped them.

Use an eyebrow pencil and apply it around the outer edges of your eyebrows using short strokes and dashes, not continuous lines. Rest your elbow on a flat surface in front of a mirror to maintain more control during this step of your brow process. Fill in the rest of your brows with tinted gel or cream and soften the pencil edges with an angled brow brush.

5. Add Concealer



Applying concealer above and underneath your eyebrows can help them appear more neatly shaped and precisely define them apart from the rest of your skin.

Use a small, clean brush to apply a cream concealer directly underneath your eyebrows along your brow bone and above your eyebrows. Apply the concealer in sharp lines and use your brush to blend it outward for a seamless and brightened effect.

6. Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Brush



Brushing your eyebrows might seem strange, but using a spoolie or stiff-bristled brow brush to comb through your eyebrows before you apply product to them can help lift up your eyebrows and enhance their natural shape.

Before you applying any product to your eyebrows, brush through your brows in an upward motion to point your brows upward and lift up your arch to help it appear more defined and precise. Then, use a clear brow gel to seal your brows in place where you’ve brushed them so they maintain their shape all day long.

7. Use a Straight Edge


Precision in shaping your brows and applying product to them is especially important when it comes to the bottom line of your eyebrows.

Holding a straight edge up to the bottom of your eyebrows before you apply any product to them can help you see any gaps within your hairs more clearly and fill them in with brow product to create a sharply shaped line. An easy straight-edged tool to use for this trick is the side edge of your standard tweezers.

Hold the edge up to the bottom line of your eyebrow hairs and see if you can spot any visible bare spots within your brow. Make note of these gaps and fill them in when you shape your brows with your eyebrow pencil.

Say goodbye to eyebrow shaping struggles and frustration. By following the tips in this post, you can learn how to shape your eyebrows flawlessly to create a natural and seamless finish.

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