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The Wixie Haircut: Unveiling the Hottest Style Trend

The world of haircuts is brimming with classics—your bobs, your pixies, and your shags. But every now and then, a new hybrid emerges, captivating our attention and our Instagram feeds. This season, the breakout star is none other than the “Wixie”—a winged pixie that delivers a chic rush of nonconformity and empowerment.

The Essence of the Wixie: What Is It?

Simply put, a wixie is where the audacity of a pixie cut collides with the free-spirited fringes of a shag. Imagine the pixie’s close-cropped top and bangs merging with the shag’s textured and longer edges—that’s where the “wing” comes in. Think of it as the pixie cut’s cooler, more eclectic sibling. The result? A haircut that’s simultaneously edgy and feminine, ready to accompany you on your fashion-forward adventures.

The Trend Factor: From Catwalks to Sidewalks

Not only has this hairstyle been gracing the tresses of trendsetters like Emma Corrin, but it has also captured the imaginations of everyday fashion enthusiasts. It channels that nostalgic energy of iconic cuts like the Meg Ryan look of the ’90s, yet offers something fresh and modern. And don’t think it’s merely a gendered statement. The wixie is a veritable CK One of haircuts—unisex and customizable to express your individuality.

Who Can Rock The Wixie?

While it may seem that this style is only for the bold and daring, it’s surprisingly versatile. Whether you have fine hair, which will look fuller with a wixie, or thicker hair, where the choppier layers can help manage the bulk, this cut offers an array of possibilities. Though if you have extremely curly or highly-textured hair, you might want to discuss styling and treatment options with your stylist to get that desired wixie flair.

Styling 101: From Red Carpet to Coffee Shop

For those blessed with wavy hair, experts recommend a simple air-drying technique. Accentuate your natural texture with lightweight styling products like Oribe Featherbalm or Matte Waves. And for that ‘next-day hair’ look? A dab of Oribe Airstyle Flexible Finish Cream should do the trick.

If your hair is on the coarser side, a matte finish paste or a dry shampoo can provide that lived-in texture. Products like Mizani True Textures Curl Defining Pudding are on the must-try list.

Before You Snip: What to Ask Your Stylist

Communication is key. Bring a picture—heck, bring ten!—and don’t shy away from discussing your face shape, lifestyle, and hair texture. You could even ask for a short shag as a starting point, and let your stylist personalize the cut for you with their creative flair.

The Final Word: A Fresh Take on Classic Chic

In the end, what sets the wixie apart from the sea of spring hairstyles is its transformative power. It’s not just a haircut; it’s a style statement that offers the rush of a new beginning with the comfort of the familiar. So, if you’re ready for a hair makeover that breaks molds while tipping its hat to classics, the wixie may just be your next style escapade.

Spring’s calling, and it’s telling you to embrace the wixie.

Ready for the snip? Scroll below for our curated gallery of the most dazzling wixie cuts of the season, from romantic ribbon details to flapper-inspired waves and edgy wet hair looks.

[Gallery: The Best Wixie Looks of the Season]

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