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What To Wear To Your Engagement Party


Now that you have already picked out your theme, and set up the party, it is time for one of the most import things…your outfit!

To say that is the most important thing is a bit dramatic, but it is something that every one thinks about! Besides, everyone at this party is here to celebrate you and your fiance! all eyes will be on you honey, so you want to rock it!

I went with a cute top that said “Fiance”, and then tucked it in to a floral printed skirt I ordered online! Then I paired it with some simple ballet flats so I could be super comfortable!


Here are a few tips to finding that perfect outfit for celebrating your engagement!

#1: Cute “Fiance” Shirt

This would be a great option because either of these shirts could be dressed up or dressed down depending on the type of party you are having!

  • fiance


  • This is the option that I went with, and it was so cute! I paired it with a floral midi-skirt and some flats and I loved how the look turned out! If you do decide to dress this shit up, then this is a great option! You can pair it with any skirt, for any season! Maybe a cranberry colored skirt, and tan stockings with boots for a fall party, or a black corduroy skirt and tights for winter! The possibilities are endless!




  • This one would be so cute with some dark wash skinny jeans, heels, and some big gold earrings! This would be a chic, yet simple way to dress up this top! But the great thing about it, is that it would look just as good with some ripped up jeans and converse if you want to make it super comfy and casual! Make this style work for you and the type of party you are throwing!


#2: A Dress

You can never go wrong with a dress! Dresses are fabulous because they also can be dressed up or down. There are so many different cuts, colors, lengths and styles that can range from casual to super dressed up.

Here are a few of my favorite dresses which can be worn for any type of party:





#3: White



You are the bride, so of course you can wear white! Before we got engaged, I did not really own anything white. Since then, my closet is over flowing with white! For some reason I feel like I need to wear white to every wedding related event we go to! Whether it was venue tours, dress try-ons or even bridal shows, I just wanted to wear white!

So white is ABSOLUTELY a great option for your engagement party (even if your party is after labor day, because who really follows that rule anymore?)

#4: Jeans, Blouse, And Gorgeous Accessories

If you are the type of bride-to-be that feels uncomfortable in a skirt of dress (although if you are planning to wear a wedding dress, you may want to get used to this!) then opt for something more casual, yet still totally sophisticated and beautiful like a simple blouse and some nice jeans!

You can never go wrong with dark wash jeans. Not only do the dark colors slim you, but they also just look really nice and classic.

Pair this with the blouse of your choice! get saucy with a printed blouse like this leopard print blouse:



or keep it simple with this white blouse:



Either one you choose, just dont forget to ACCESSORIZE! Accessories can make or break an otherwise simple outfit. Something like a big flashy necklace will make you appear so dressed up, while still comfortable in your jeans and blouse!

This would also be a great style for colder months, because you could opt for a nice, warm scarf like this:



#5 Do Your Hair

This is not really an outfit tip, but it definitely follows under the category of what you are wearing! Style includes everything from your head to your toes, and when all eyes are on you, you want everything to be on point! So don’t forget to style your hair!

Does this mean that it is necessary for you to hire a hairstylist Absolutely not! You can just do something simple, yet gorgeous, on your own! There are so many tutorials out ther on pinterest or youtube that will teach you how to do some beautiful styles! Even just straightening and or curling your hair will make it look like it was not just an after thought to you1

If you need some hair inspiration, as well as some tutorials for hair, click here to check out my “Hair Ideas” Pinterest board!

#6: Do Your Makeup

Yet another thing that should not be put on the back burner! You do not have to do a full on, caked up makeup look for your engagement party, but even some light blush and mascara will make you not only look youthful, but also put together.

I would also suggest a little concealer under your eyes! More than likely you stayed up late doing last minute preparations for your party, so you definitely dont want dark circles under your eyes! A little concealer can go a long way in making you look awake and ready to party (and a little bit of espresso can make you feel awake and ready to party)!



This is another great idea for party makeup! Keep it fairly simple on your eyes, and cheeks, and then WOW everyone with a bold lip! Simple, yet totally classic!

For more makeup inspiration and tutorials you can click here to see my “Simple yet GORGE makeup looks” board on pinterest!

**Quick tip:

Don’t forget to have your ring cleaned so it will really shine at the engagement party!

I hope this gave you a few ideas on what to wear to your engagement party! I know that no matter what, you will truly shine on this day designed to celebrate you and your fiance!

Just remember, “A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears” (Anne Roiphe)

You are so beautiful on the inside and out! So just be present, be thankful for this time, and most importantly enjoy the love that you and your fiance share and are recieveing form everyone who is so happy for you! Your smile is the greatest accessory you can wear throughout this whole planning process, so wear it proudly!

If you are just getting started, and need more information on planning your engagement party, then click here to read my post titled “Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Parties”

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