How to Use Nail Polish to Create DIY Crafts

Don’t you think that the nail polish can be used to spice up your nails? Actually, they are more than nail polishing. They can be the materials of some DIY crafts. If you apply the nail polish to the DIY things, you can not only save money, but also renew the old stuff.

There are many ideas to refashion your used stuff with nail polish. If you have a pair of shoes scratched, you can have no hesitation to pull them out and paint them with an appropriate color of nail polish. What’s more, you can apply some polish to spice up your bags or accessories.

If you are a DIY lover, you can find more information in the post below. Don’t worry. It’s easy for you to learn. Check them out and begin to learn some new DIY skills.

Glitter Jewelry
Glitter Jewelry via
Painted Necklace
Painted Necklace via
Painted Bobby Pins
Painted Bobby Pins via
Stylish Handbag
Stylish Handbag via
Creative High Heels
Creative High Heels via
Stripe Phone Case
Stripe Phone Case via
Cover up the Scratch
Cover up the Scratch via
Painted High Heels
Painted High Heels via
Pretty Hair Accessory
Pretty Hair Accessory via
Painted Cups
Painted Cups via
Glitter Iphone Charger
Glitter Iphone Charger via
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