Why Should You Buy Second-hand Jewellery?

Just like other jewellery lovers, you also probably get plenty of fun finding the right pieces at boutiques, online shops, and big box jewellers. However, many people are unaware of the many benefits connected to buying pre owned jewellery.

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Although the cost is the main deciding factor when buying any jewellery, whether brand new or second hand, there are several other benefits as to why you should consider buying pre owned jewellery, including:

Affordability – one of the main benefits of buying pre owned jewellery is its affordability. This means that you can own and enjoy stunning pieces of jewellery at a fraction of the price. When you buy brand new jewellery, it drops in value as soon as it leaves the shop, the same as what happens if you buy a brand new car. However, when you buy a piece of used jewellery, you automatically get it at the reduced, second-hand price. This way, you can shop for those well-known brands at significantly reduced prices that will not break your bank account!

Sustainability – most people are becoming aware of the importance of making choices that are environmentally-friendly and buying second hand jewellery is one of them. For example, the mining process for gemstones, metals, and diamonds is extremely damaging to the surrounding water, soil, and air, while at the same time, putting an enormous drain on resources like water and fuel. Pre-owned jewellery reduces the demand for the manufacture of new pieces, so no new mining is necessary, thus significantly reducing the damaging impact on the environment.

Exceptional quality – high quality is yet another great benefit of buying second-hand jewellery. Some people believe incorrectly, that pre owned jewellery because it has been worn before, is of lower quality than a brand new piece. This, however, is far from the truth. Refurbished jewellery, after it is cleaned and polished can look just as stunning as the day it was manufactured.

Better value retention – second-hand pieces of jewellery, if properly cared for, don’t lose their value, which makes them a better investment than brand new jewellery. Buying pre owned jewellery doesn’t mean that the value depreciates with each new owner – each piece retains its basic value because of the stones and metals used in its design.

As fashion trends come and go, and the value of stones and metals fluctuating all the time, the age of the piece will be immaterial. This means that the second-hand piece of jewellery you buy will retain more of its original value than a brand new piece.

Many people are probably unaware that many diamonds on the market are in fact recycled, meaning that it was removed from a used piece of jewellery, reset in a new piece, and sold as brand new! Only the best, long-lasting materials were used in the manufacture of those second hand pieces, so you can buy a fantastic piece of jewellery without a price tag that will break your budget.

Pre owned jewellery has a story to tell – it’s not just the incredible savings that makes it worthwhile buying second-hand jewellery, but also the fact that you will own a piece of history. Pre owned jewellery, particularly vintage pieces, were made using techniques no longer in use these days, and frequently have a charm and character unique to that piece, that you won’t find in a big box store.

There is a wide variety of eras, each with its own distinctive style to choose from, like the Art Deco designs of the 20s, the elegant styles of the 60’s or the trendy grunge look of the 90s. In short the piece of pre owned jewellery you buy is crammed with history and has a story of its own to tell.

How to check the authenticity of pre owned jewellery

Buying pre owned jewellery should be done with a curious heart and an open mind whether it’s from a retailer or online. If you’re buying from a private seller, you might have to check the authenticity of the piece on your own, unless you know of an expert, certified gemmologist, who can do it for you.

Do the following to establish whether the second-hand jewellery you are thinking of buying is fake or authentic. Check for:

  • A hallmark or stamp – stating the carat of the metal used – 9ct (375), 14ct (585), 18ct (750), 222ct (916), on white gold and yellow gold. Second-hand silver jewellery should have the standard 925 stamp.
  • Brand marks – Tiffany and Co., and many other well-known brands, stamp their hallmark onto their jewellery, so check for this hallmark on the pre owned jewellery you are considering buying.
  • Do the magnet test – a magnet is the best way to check if metals in a piece of jewellery are genuine. A magnet will not stick to real gold.
  • Certificate of authenticity – second-hand jewellery often comes with a certificate of authenticity from the EGL, IGI, or GIA. This is not always the case, however.
  • Documentation – be careful if you are handed documentation with the pre owned jewellery you are buying, because it could be forged! Check for bad grammar, blurred printing, or spelling mistakes.

According to those in the know, it is best and safest to leave authenticity checks to the experts and buy from a pre owned jewellery collection that can be certified as authentic.

In conclusion

The prices of jewellery have increased in recent years primarily because of investors choosing to invest in commodities like diamonds, gold, and other gemstones, instead of stocks and shares. This means that a certain vintage, brand, or material makeup of jewellery could quite possibly be worth more than what was originally paid for them.

People often ask whether the pre owned jewellery they are thinking of buying has a good resale value. Although no one can give an accurate resale value of a pre owned piece, expert jewellers state emphatically, that second-hand jewellery is truly an excellent investment.

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