16 DIY Crafts to Warm You in Winter

Don’t throw away your old winter clothes. They can be used to recreate other things, like hats and gloves. Moreover, they can be styled in a new look. Trust me! You will be surprised by the DIY from the old things if you are patient enough to make some craft

Bright Colored Eyeliner

Top Four Makeup Trends for 2014

We have already entered a new year, 2014. As an excellent fashionista, you must keep up with the latest fashion trend. The makeup trends for the past 2013 are still so clear in our minds. Do you still remember them? The red, deep ruby and ombre lips are all th

Braided Hair

15 Stylish Buns for Your Long Hair

Sometimes you don’t think that you are going to wear a cascading long hair as ever, right? Here we offer you 15 ways to arrange your long hair. Whether your hair is sleek or not, you will find one of the pretty buns from the topic. You can find the easiest w

Cupcake Nails with Beads

10 Delicate Cupcake Nails Tutorials

We pick up 11 delicate cupcake nails tutorials for you. All the pictures remind us of the hot TV series Two Broke Girls. The girls’ dream in the show is to open their own cupcake business. Maybe we are not going to have a cupcake business, but we can have cu

Cute Red Lip Makeup

Top 20 Magical Red Lipstick Makeup Looks

As a gorgeous woman, you should experiment with the red lipstick at least once. When you are free and you want to get a totally different and fashionable look, or when you are going to some formal parties, opting for the simple yet stylish red lip makeup is th

Embroidery Flats

10 Easy Ways to Have Your DIY Shoes

Do you want to have a new pair of shoes or do you ever think that you are tired of your shoes’ look? Here are 10 easy ways for you to have brand news flats, ankle boots and flip flops. These 10 DIY shoes spend less and give you 10 stylish shoes. In addit

How to:15+ Real Weddings Under $8,000!!!

Arynn and Devron’s Arizona garden elopement. The cost? $3,500. Becca and Jonathan’s $6,500 Arizona park wedding. Melody and Eric’s $6,500 vintage seminary wedding. Andrea and Moaya’s $4,000 California ranch wedding. Melissa and