Neon Colored Winged Smokey Eye

12 Fantastic Winged Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

Every girl wants to be the center of attention in the crowd. A perfect eye makeup will do you a great favor at this point. If you want to make your eye makeup look more seductive, just add a winged shape at the outer corner of your eyes. Today, let’s take a

Stylish Cat Eye Makeup Idea with Long Lashes

Gorgeous Makeup Ideas with Red Lips and Cat Eyes

Hey, makeup addicts! We know that we should stress one thing as the feature in our face. We pair our bold lips with a simpler eye makeup or do a stunning eye makeup and keep our lips’ toner lighter. For the eye makeup, there is one classy and classic thing y

Blue Eyeliner for Smokey Eyes

17 Great Colored Eyeliner Looks for 2014

Colored eyeliners can give you a striking look for you makeup. If you don’t like to apply too many powders on your face every day but still want to add a hint of color for your daily look, the colored eyeliners will be your best choice. They are very easy to

Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

14 Overwhelming Smokey Eye Makeup Looks and Tutorials

It seems that the smokey eyes are needed for almost every occasion. They are the most classic eye makeup looks for all women around the world. Every girl wants to have a perfect smokey eye makeup look just like the celebrities. Even the makeup artist would tak

Eyeshadow Lipstick

How to Choose the Right Lip Color for Your Skin Tone

The right lips color plays a very important part for a perfect makeup look. You can make your lips ultra-sexy and seductive with a right lipstick. There’re a wide range of colors and shades when we go to buy a lipstick at the makeup store. To choose one appr

Red Lips for Day Makeup Look

14 Bloody Hot Red Lips for 2014

You’d never have the concern that your makeup looks old-fashioned if it is finished with the red lips. As we all know, the red lips can bring out the devil of every girl as they are the classic sign of sexy for women. All makeup looks with the red lips will

Peach Lips for Tangerine Makeup

12 Adorable Peach Lips for 2014

Among all kinds of lip colors, the peach lips are the most commonly seen shade as they can go along well with many eye makeup looks. The lovely peach lips can always be a safe choice to finish your makeup look even you are wearing the sultry smokey eyes. There

Bright Colored Eyes - Neon Makeup Look

12 Fantastic Neon Makeup Looks

The neon makeup trend is becoming more and more popular for teenage girls, even among the celebrities and top models. We can always see them wearing the colorful neon makeup during all kinds of fashion shows and runways. There’re many shades for your choice

Awesome Burgundy Lips

14 Hot Burgundy Lips for Women 2014

Apart from the hot red lips, there’s still another choice for your lip color – the burgundy lips. They look so charming and radiant with their deep wine-hued tone, which is being an essential part for any vintage makeup look. Women will look quite confiden

Pink Blush With Silver Eyeshadow

10 Lovely Pink Blush Makeup Looks for Girls

Every girl wants to have a natural makeup for her everyday look. Then the pretty pink blush will give you the very effect you want. It will make your makeup look fresh and natural. Besides, it is also an important step to enhance the final look. You can even u

Vintage Makeup Look With Cat Eyes

15 Glamorous Vintage Makeup Ideas

We are always so busy with catching up with the latest fashion trends every new season. But it is also not a bad idea to rewind to the vintage 60’s style. There’re so many inspirations from the classic Hollywood movies. You can choose to wear a bloody red

Bright Pink Eyes and Lips

15 Hot Pink Eye Makeup Looks for 2014

I bet every girl would want to wear the pretty pink eyes as her party or prom looks since she was a little girl. The pink eye makeup look can make you look just like a darling princess from the fairy tale when paired with a flattering white dress. Besides, you

Graduated Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

13 Amazing Step by Step Eye Makeup Tutorials to Try

As professional makeup addicts, we like creating and trying various new eye makeup looks so that our makeup skills and ingenious creatives can be proved. We like change our eye shadow colors and experiment with different eye liner shapes for different occasion

Kat Dennings' Berry Lips

Super Hot Berry Lips Makeup for This Season

For the last two seasons, the red lips and orange lips have made such a huge hit on the makeup trend. This year, it’s time for the berry lips or the fuchsia lips to glow. The fuchsia lipsticks go well with all skin tones and they are a combination of the red