Soft Eye Makeup Idea

12 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Ideas for Beginners

Hey girls! How are you? I have already shown you some latest fashion trends and do you like them? But you can never go out without a makeup. So for today, I have made you an interesting post that is called  gorgeous eye makeup ideas to complete your outfit. B

15 Makeup Ideas for Going Back to Office

What will your office look be for the New Year? For the first day of coming back to the office, you may need a fresh look to overcome the difficulties and a natural look to show your professional skills. Prettydesigns always stays here and offer you something

Best Eye Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes: Fresh Green

Best Eye Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

What will you think of the moment you see the green color? It may remind us of life and the pure beauty of nature. Just like what the color of green tells us, green eyes are amazing and pure as well. Yet how to highlight their beauty is really a piece of artis

Best Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes: Red and Orange

Best Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are filled with mystery and charm. They can attract people’s attention in the shortest time. Because the blue eyes are attractive enough, choosing the proper eye shadow is quite important so that the beauty of the blue eyes won’t be overpowered.