Fishtail Braid Mani

10 Easy Step by Step Nail Art Tutorials

We always need some fresh ideas to make our life more interesting and colorful as well as for our nails. To get a perfect nail look, you needn’t spend a fortune to go to the professionals. It will take your time and patience following some useful tutorials.

15 Nail Tutorials to Paint Floral Nails

Floral prints never go out of the style. No matter how season changes, you can wear a floral piece to rock the look. There are ways to have floral patterns for your look. You can also get your nails painted in flowers. Floral nail art is one of the pretty mani

Music Notes Nail Art

22 Unexpected Nail Art Designs With Tutorials for 2014

If you want to make your nail design looks special enough in the crowd, you need to pay out your creativity on your nails. It may not too expensive but need your time and patience. You can follow our useful tutorials to get a perfect nail look. Today, we’ve

Flowers Nail Art

Spring Nail Art Tutorials for Women

In spring, you may love wearing pastel dresses and skirts. To complete the look, we suggest you print the nails in light colors. Light color polishes can always bring a romantic and pretty vibe. There are spring nail art tutorials for you to keep pace with spr

Polka Dot Nails

10 Simple Nail Art Tutorials for the Season

Do you want to have your nails polished quickly and easily? If you say yes, you will love today’s post which brings lots of tutorials for simple nail art. Though the nail arts are simple, they are pretty and adorable. They are the best for the beginners and