10 Buzzfeed Recipes To Try For Your Next Date Night

Date nights are always fun even if you don’t have a significant other. Sometimes, it’s fun to have a date night with your best friends, your roommate or maybe even your mom. No matter who you’re having a date night with, Buzzfeed has got you covered. With their Tasty videos all over Facebook and a focus on making dinners quick and easy, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Here are 10 Buzzfeed Recipes To Try For Your Next Date Night, including 7 dinner options and 3 dessert options.

Buzzfeed’s Taco Pie

This is one of the easier recipes, considering that you can substitute a lot of it. Instead of making your own crust, you could use a store-bought crust or even use leftover taco meat. The filling for the taco pie is solely based on you and your date’s preference also. This meal would be good for a couple who has been together for a little bit of time, not a couple who is just starting out because this could get messy really quick.

Buzzfeed’s Paprika Shrimp Pasta

Seafood and pasta are classic date night foods when you go out. However, making it at home can be just as easy and cheaper. The recipe also doesn’t take very long, because the pasta takes the longest to cook and that all depends on preference. The combination of all the different spices especially the paprika will make it really flavorful and probably be a lot better than anything you’d order at a restaurant. The smell alone will be worth cooking it.

Buzzfeed’s French Toast Times Four

Who says your date night has to be the same old thing? Having breakfast for a date night is an interesting twist on a classic concept. This video features four different ways to make french toast, giving you and your date some options. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could make all four! The take on classic smores is a good one if you or your date have an extreme sweet tooth and an easy way to replicate the flavor without a campfire. One of most unique ones had to be the strawberry cheesecake because it was such a twist on the classic recipe and could be adapted into so many different variations.

?Buzzfeed’s Steak and Potato Nachos

While this recipe might seem simple, it requires a pretty decent amount of prep work. Cooking the potatoes will take the longest so multi-tasking by cooking the steak while the potatoes are cooking would make the process go a little faster. Like most of Buzzfeed’s recipes, this one is open to interpretation. It could even be made into a vegetarian dish by substituting the steak?with eggplant or even mushrooms.

Buzzfeed’s Cheesy Pesto-Stuffed Salmon

This recipe is one of the simpler ones to make and one that has a lot of flavor with little effort. The most difficult part is probably trying to get a perfect butterfly cut on the salmon. The addition of the ricotta with the pesto is so simple and so underrated because pesto and ricotta aren’t used that much together. This is another great option if the person doesn’t eat beef, pork or chicken but still eats fish. Salmon can sometimes be a little bit bland so adding some new flavors jazzes it up.

Buzzfeed’s Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups

If you love pasta and meat, then this one would be great for you. It combines three great things: pasta, chicken, and bacon. ?Even though the video features their own homemade alfredo sauce, ?you could easily cut corners and use store-bought. This recipe is perfect for leftovers too because both the chicken and bacon have to be precooked before you add it to the alfredo sauce. The smell of the bacon and chicken?cooking together would provide a heavenly smell and one that your date will surely appreciate.

Buzzfeed’s Black Bean Burgers

The last option for the date night is for those who are vegetarian or those who just want to try something different/healthier. This “burger” is truly one-of-a-kind because anything vegetables can be used in it if they’re chopped small enough. The black beans also helped to give the burger the same color as its meat counterpart and can easily be swapped out for another type of bean. This recipe would be better to make on the grill and wouldn’t make you feel sluggish or weighed down if you plan on going swimming after chowing down.

Buzzfeed’s Ice Cream Bread

This first dessert is really simple and after cooking an entire dinner for you and your date, dessert should be a piece of cake. You only need two ingredients: your favorite ice cream and self-rising flour. You can also add sprinkles, candies or even some chocolate chips to make your bread even tastier. Once you’re done making it, all you have to do is pop it in the oven, checking on it a few times of course and then it’s done.

Buzzfeed’s Vegan No-Bake Strawberry Cake

This second dessert is another simple one that only requires three ingredients. You refrigerate coconut milk overnight, mix it with vanilla and powdered sugar and that’s your filling/icing. After that, you just line the pan with your mixture, graham crackers, and strawberries. Throw it into the freezer until your date or you can even make it the night before so you won’t have to worry about it the day of.

Mini No-Bake Ube Cheesecakes

The third and final recipe have a little bit more work if you feel up for the challenge. The addition of the purple yam would probably give your date a surprise they wouldn’t be expecting and don’t be scared about cooking with purple yams because they taste similar to sweet potatoes. ?Making the mixture is what will take the longest and it can be done ahead of time and put in the freezer while you’re cooking everything else. Putting them in the little cupcake liners would be great if you wanted to give your date some to take home or if you wanted to bring the leftovers into work the next day.

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