10 Style Secrets of Women Who Always Look Put Together

You must have seen a lot of girls who look like they have got their life all sorted out! Their appearance is always neat, their clothes look flawless, and their entire personality oozes out perfection. Well, looking put together isn’t that hard as it may sound to us!

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We may feel like it’s a time-consuming and even expensive thing to accomplish. However, the key to always looking put together lies in being minimalist, trendy, organized, and cost-effective at the same time. You don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks to get a new wardrobe, visit a salon every single week, or buy a pair of Louis Vuitton’s shoes! For instance, you can simply look proper by investing in timeless & versatile women’s leather jackets.

In this blog, we have spilled 10 style secrets of women who always look put together to help you achieve that look in no time. 

1. Get to Know Your Body Type

First off, getting to know your body type and dressing up accordingly is more significant than anything. You cannot just buy anything without trying it out or thoughtfully imagining how you would look wearing it. Wearing well-fitted clothes without protruding and unnecessary seams is the first style secret of women who always seem effortlessly put together. 

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For example, if your body type is oval, you must avoid clothes highlighting your hips and waist. Similarly, if you’re not tall, you should wear long pants to give your legs a stretched appearance. 


You absolutely need to avoid slouchy and shabby clothes. Make sure your clothes are always tidy, ironed properly, and cared for well. Refer to your tailor and get custom-made clothes, which would suit your body flawlessly and would also go well in the long run. 

2. Hoard Few Statement Outerwear 

Women’s leather motorcycle jackets is such an iconic outwear that is both timeless and voguish. Women who like to appear put together always have such versatile outerwear in their wardrobe, which they easily complement with several tops. In addition to leather jackets, a denim jacket, a few nice dark-colored blazers, trench coat, faux fur jacket, and a quilted cashmere jacket are great to have.  

3. Stick to Basic Clothes


Another secret of looking put together is to wear basic tops, such as crisp buttoned shirts, good-quality t-shirts, soft silk blouses, woven sweaters or turtlenecks, cotton tunics, and patterned princess vests. You don’t need to have a lot of clothes to look stylish and composed at all times; all you need is to have clothes that seem striking and well-dressed regardless of the occasion and weather.


Without a question, straight jeans, palazzo, cotton chinos, leggings, pencil skirts, and even leather pants are great options for lowers. If you want to appear revealing and eye-catching, you can also opt for denim shorts that fit your thighs perfectly or a cute ballerina skirt showcasing your legs.    

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4. Focus on Color Palette   

Women who dress sensibly know which colors suit their complexion and overall personality. If you are a businesswoman, you need to stay away from sharp colors and rather buy neutral-toned outfits. Similarly, if you are a college-going girl, you can hoard onto both primary and secondary colors.


However, a colorfully haphazard wardrobe without matching outfits is as useless as the g in lasagna! Always make sure the tops and outerwear you are buying match the pants in your closet.  

5. Never Compromise on Shoes

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Good pair of shoes are as essential as clothes because they make up half of your outfit! Looking put together is about wearing shoes that do not look rough and extra-casual like flip-flops. 

Leather boots and loafers are no-brainers for looking and elite! Besides, simplistic laced shoes and heels also do the job well. For example, Lita, Chelsea boots, trainers, gladiators, peep toes, wedges, stilettos, mules, clogs, and bow-tie sandals look quite decent.       

6. Don’t Go Crazy with Jewelry

Forget about flashy and oversized jewelry if looking put together is what you are aiming for! You just need a few decent pairs of silver rings, charm anklets, bangle bracelets, slim gold chains, beaded pearls, tiny studs, stack hoops, and a plain silver watch.     

7. Show Some Love to Your Hair

Having a polished hairstyle is the final touch to your attire. If you are someone who likes to straighten up your hair, make sure to clip them from the front to avoid messy hair. If you want your hair curled, make sure to use hair serums and sprays to keep them intact the entire day. Other than that, you can secure them in a high ponytail or bun when you are short of time and need quick hairdos. 

8. Importance of Skin and Nails  

If you can’t afford regular manicures and pedicures, you need to take care of the hygiene of your nails and keep them trimmed and filed. Similarly, women with put together personas also stress the importance of skincare. So, you need to have a skincare routine with regular cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing.     

9. Go With Minimal or No-Makeup Look

This is the era of rocking a no-makeup look and flaunting your bare skin with confidence. Women who prefer minimal makeup rather than painting up their faces with all kinds of makeup products look more attractive, sophisticated, elegant, and composed.    

10. Wear an Alluring Fragrance

Lastly, let people associate you with your unique scent! Wearing a floral and feminine fragrance rather than a fruity one is very important to radiate an alluring aura. This is the reason why many divas we know of are highly obsessed with perfumes and owning exclusive scents!  

Final Words

This blog was all about revealing the top 10 style secrets of women who always look put together. Knowing your body type and how to dress appropriately is paramount besides investing in clothes, shoes, accessories, scents, haircare and skin routine. However, taking care of the above points is a sure-fire way to make you look ordered, minimalist, and fashionable always. 

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