11 Ways to Renew Your Sandals for the Season

Summer is a right season to wear your sandals. In such a hot season, it is necessary to relax your toes and make them breathe in a pair of sandals. Instead of buying a new pair of sandals, you can try to renew the old ones on your own at home. Find your old sandals out and follow these 12 ways to renew your sandals.

The post will tell you how to DIY a new pair of sandals. First, you may wrap the straps of the sandals by colorful woolen or fabric cloth. Second, you can add beads, glitter or gems to spice up the old sandals. Third, you can print some pretty patterns to renew the shoes.

More details can be found in the links. Have no hesitation to check them out and use these DIY projects to give a new look to your sandals.

Sandals with Colorful Straps
Sandals with Colorful Straps via
Beaded Sandals
Beaded Sandals via
Studded Sandals
Studded Sandals via
Sandals with Gems
Sandals with Gems via
Sandals via
Sandals with Stars
Sandals with Stars via
Sandals with Glitter
Sandals with Glitter via
Sandals with Bows
Sandals with Bows via
Embellished Sandals
Embellished Sandals via
Sandals with Tassel
Sandals with Tassel via
Jeweled Sandals
Jeweled Sandals via
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