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12 Delightful Hairstyles to Make You Look Better

Just like a perfect makeup, the hairstyle  is also being able to create a better looking for your face shape. Are you a round face girl who is seeking for a right hairstyle to make your face look slimmer? There are plenty of flattering hairstyles in this post which will help to elongate your round face for a better effect. Most of them are styled with short or long layers that fall around the face.

Wispy Bangs
Wispy Bangs/Getty Images

Bangs are always being able to make all kinds of hairstyles look more stylish. If your hairstyle is featured with long layers, you can opt for the stylish blunt bangs and style them short in the center and longer on the edges for a natural look.

Texture/Getty Images

Blunt cuts can give tons of movements and textures for one’s hair look. Demi Lovato’s layered bob looks so fabulous with her fresh face and sweet smiles.

Asymmetrical Bob
Asymmetrical Bob/Getty Images

As we all know, the classy inverted bob haircut can make our face looker longer and thinner, especially when it is parted in the middle and falls around your face.

Face-Framing Layers
Face-Framing Layers/Getty Images

Layers will be able to give a light weighted effect for one’s overall hair look. If you are worried about that your face shape being imperfect, a hairstyle with shorter layers should be an ideal option for you to go.

Soft Waves
Soft Waves/Getty Images

Compared with the sleek straight hair and tight curls, those extra-large waves can make your face look slimmer and prettier. If you are being so lucky to born with the light blond hair, you will finally get a super charming hair look.

Heightened Updo
Heightened Updo/Getty Images

A heightened hairstyle can help to elongate your face length and make your jawline look more flattering.

Updo With Face Framing Pieces
Updo With Face Framing Pieces/Getty Images

Shorter layers can bring out a strong pretty-chic sense for young teenage girls, especially when you leave them loose at the both sides of your face.

Long Hair
Long Hair/Getty Images

The beautiful long wavy hair is always being a priority choice for all girls. Apart from its strong feminine sense, it can also elongate your face shape at the same time.

Highlights/Getty Images

The lighter shaded highlights at the front part will be able to frame your face shape for a better looking. If you want to create this effect for your hair, remember to place the darker colors behind.

Side Part
Side Part/Getty Images

An asymmetrical part will be able to create a contemporary and modern-chic style for the wearers. It can also help to soften up your hard features for square face shaped girls.
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