10 DIY Light Bulb Ideas

Christmas is a decorating holiday. People always put many creative decorations to spice up their home in order to get the spirit of Christmas. Instead of buying the decorations in the shop, you can have fun with your family to make some DIY crafts for your home.

Today’s post is going to show you some DIY projects. There are ideas to tell you how to change the old light bulbs into the Christmas ornaments. To recreate the old bulbs, you can add glitters, sequins or other patterns to them.

As Christmas is approaching, get your hands busy and make the beautiful ornaments for the holiday.

Cute Bulbs
Cute Bulbs via
Pink Bulbs
Pink Bulbs via
Decorative Bulbs
Decorative Bulbs via
Cartoon Bulbs
Cartoon Bulbs via
Star Bulbs
Star Bulbs via
Sequin Bulbs
Sequin Bulbs via
DIY Bulbs
DIY Bulbs via
Small Bulbs
Small Bulbs via
Snow Painted Bulbs
Snow Painted Bulbs via
Snowman Bulbs
Snowman Bulbs via

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