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12 Written Tattoo Designs


12 Written Tattoo Designs

What is your motto or what do you want to tell to your loved ones? You may need some words to remind you of your love and what you have been chasing from time to time. I think the written tattoos can make your motto or your words last forever.

If you are a tattoo lover, you will not miss today’s post. It’s great for you to consider to ink a written tattoo. The written tattoo designs introduced here are simple as well as meanful. We are sure that you can get inspiration from them.

Check the post out and find what you like.

Simple Hand Written Tattoo

Simple Hand Written Tattoo via

Wrist Written Tattoo

Wrist Written Tattoo via

Back Written Tattoo

Back Written Tattoo via

Written Tattoo on Shoulder

Written Tattoo on Shoulder via

Rib Written Tattoo

Rib Written Tattoo via

Quote Tattoo for Girls

Quote Tattoo for Girls via

Waist Tattoo

Waist Tattoo via

Pretty Written Tattoo

Pretty Written Tattoo via

Cool Written Tattoo

Cool Written Tattoo via

Easy Written Tattoo

Easy Written Tattoo via

Quote Tattoo

Quote Tattoo via

Finger Quote Tattoo

Finger Quote Tattoo via

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lawrence

    April 30, 2018 at 12:57 am

    Wanting a tattoo that has my three grandsons names on it , Bryson,Jacob,Cole,would like to put on my back or inside my forearm, let me no please,thank you..

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