15 DIY Easter Egg Ideas to Decorate the Holiday

Decorating the eggs or painting the eggs in red is a traditional activity for every Easter. The beautiful colored eggs are must-have decorations for the holiday. Easter is a right time for you to show your imagination with the eggs. Today we will offer you some DIY Easter egg ideas to check out. We don’t think that you will miss them.

The DIY ideas below are not hard for you to be learned. They don’t require so much time to finish. What you should do is to take your imagination and your patience. First you should decide what color and what pattern you are going to put on your Easter eggs. Second, decide what materials you will take for the eggs. Third, begin your projects.

Though there are still some days before Easter, you can think about the decorative eggs now. Hope you have ultra-pretty colored eggs for this Easter.

Watercolor Eggs
Watercolor Eggs via
Washi Tape Easter Eggs
Washi Tape Easter Eggs via
Interesting Decal Easter Eggs
Interesting Decal Easter Eggs via
Super Mario Bro Easter Eggs
Super Mario Bro Easter Eggs via
Thumb Tack Polka Dot Easter Eggs
Thumb Tack Polka Dot Easter Eggs via
Ombre Easter Eggs
Ombre Easter Eggs via
Flower Easter Eggs
Flower Easter Eggs via
Black and White Easter Eggs
Black and White Easter Eggs via
Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs
Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs via
Metallic Easter Eggs
Metallic Easter Eggs via
Cute Washi Tape Eggs
Cute Washi Tape Eggs via
Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs
Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs via
Easter Eggs with Sequins
Easter Eggs with Sequins via
Pretty Easter Eggs
Pretty Easter Eggs via
Funny Easter Eggs
Funny Easter Eggs via
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