17 DIY Projects to Make Clutches

How to kill the time? For a DIY lover, the best answer will be starting a new DIY project. Today we are going to offer you more DIY ideas about making pretty clutches. The clutch is the must-have stuff for every season. It’s easy to pair your outfits as well. When you meet some useful DIY projects, you don’t even spend too much money on the new clutches.

There are 17 DIY ideas for you to make a pretty clutch. The clutches introduced here are made of different materials and made in different colors. You may choose some of them to improve your DIY skills and enhance your accessory collection.

Check the post first and see what you want! Hope you enjoy.

DIY Leather Wrap Clutch
DIY Leather Wrap Clutch via
Mini Clutch
Mini Clutch via
DIY Cute Clutch
DIY Cute Clutch via
Colorful Clutch
Colorful Clutch via
Clutch with Glitter
Clutch with Glitter via
Neon Envelope
Neon Envelope via
Floral Clutch
Floral Clutch via
Clutch with Dots
Clutch with Dots via
Wrap Clutch
Wrap Clutch via
Embellished Clutch
Embellished Clutch via
No Sew Clutch
No Sew Clutch via
DIY Fashinable Clutch
DIY Fashinable Clutch via
Clutch with Golden Leaves
Clutch with Golden Leaves via
Outfit DIY Clutch
Outfit DIY Clutch via
Easy and Quick Clutch
Easy and Quick Clutch via
Red Clutch
Red Clutch via
Painted Clutch
Painted Clutch via
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