17 Ways to Make Fashionable DIY Fashion Crafts for This Summer

The hot summer has already come and we need some fabulous accessories to compliment out tops and dresses. So today I’d like to show you 17 ways to make fashionable DIY fashion crafts with their helpful step-by-step tutorials. They will teach you how to expand your fashion collection without spending money. Beside, you can make full use of your wits to make them by yourself at home.

We always have so many old-fashioned stuffs at our wardrobe. Most of girls would just desert them when doing the clean up. But actually we can recreate them with some interesting skills to give them a trendy look. You’ll find it not difficult at all following our instructions below. And I believe you’ll be very proud of the final outcome as they are absolutely one of a kind and becoming more fantastic under your hands.

DIY Drapped Necklace Tank Top
DIY Drapped Necklace Tank Top via


DIY Washi Tape Clutch
DIY Washi Tape Clutchvia


DIY Studded Wrap Bracelet
DIY Studded Wrap Braceletvia


DIY Ombre Necklace
DIY Ombre Necklacevia


DIY No-Sew Tote Bag
DIY No-Sew Tote Bagvia


DIY Neon Necklace From Straws
DIY Neon Necklace From Strawsvia


DIY Nautical Knot Necklace
DIY Nautical Knot Necklacevia


DIY Nail Polish Colored Necklace
DIY Nail Polish Colored Necklacevia


DIY Feather Necklace
DIY Feather Necklacevia


DIY Feather Necklace
DIY Feather Necklacevia


DIY Feather Necklace
DIY Feather Necklacevia


DIY Fabric Wrapped Bracelet
DIY Fabric Wrapped Braceletvia


DIY Convertible Necklace Headband
DIY Convertible Necklace Headbandvia


DIY Chevron Earrings
DIY Chevron Earringsvia


DIY Bridal Headband
DIY Bridal Headbandvia


DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet
DIY Beaded Wrap Braceletvia


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