12 Ways to Make Amazing DIY Jewelry Crafts

All girls love the delicate jewelries. But have you ever imagined making them by yourself according to your own preference? If you still have no idea about this, today I’ll give you 12 great ideas to make amazing DIY jewelry crafts of your own taste. Hope they will do you a great favor to make your day dress look more fabulous in this hot summer!

To girls who love fishtail braids, there’re some fantastic fishtail braid bracelets for you here. You can make them at home only with colorful ropes and wire. The final outcome will be very unique and fashionable and can be paired with your any casual outfit for a day outing. You can also use other materials like gemstones, alphabets, pearls and beads. All of them will be able to give you a pretty and stylish look. Besides, they can be also sent to your best friend as a gift on a special day.

Rhinestone Neon Necklace
Rhinestone Neon Necklace via


Fishtail Braid Bracelet
Fishtail Braid Bracelet via


Wire Bow Ring
Wire Bow Ring via


Alphabet Bracelet
Alphabet Bracelet via


Chain Hair Tie
Chain Hair Tie via


Turquoise Spike Necklace
Turquoise Spike Necklace via


Triangle Necklace
Triangle Necklace via


Stone Rope Necklace
Stone Rope Necklace via


Ribbon Necklace
Ribbon Necklace via


Neon Tassel Bracelets
Neon Tassel Bracelets via


Neon Gem Necklace
Neon Gem Necklace via


Hook and Eye String Bracelet
Hook and Eye String Bracelet via


Double Chain Necklace
Double Chain Necklace via


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