20 Ways to Recreate the Bottles

You think that the old bottles can be only used to store the jams again. Then you are wrong. Bottles and jars will be turned into many useful things that maybe you haven’t thought before. Why not check the DIY crafts out here and make your old jars useful. What’s more, DIY crafts need your patience and time, but they won’t fail you.

Get inspiration from the tutorials and make your adorable jars.

Colorful Bottles

Colorful and painted bottles are the best for storing your flowers, make-up tools and candies, but they will cost some time to get the perfect jars.

Colored Bottles
Colored Bottles via
Painted Bottles
Painted Bottles via
Paints on Bottles
Paints on Bottles via

Lace Bottles

If you don’s want a colorful or a painted jar, you can wrap the old bottles by the lace. The bottles’ new look will surprise you.

Lace Bottle
Lace Bottle via

Bottles for Lanterns
Have you ever made a lantern by yourself? It’s very easy for you to create a stylish lantern with bottles and candles. Moreover, you can combine bottles with bulbs in order to make neon lights. They can save lots of money when you need some creative lights for party.

Lanterns via
Simple Lighting
Simple Lighting via
Jar Lanterns
Jar Lanterns via
Outside Lights for Summer
Outside Lights for Summer via
Lights via
Bottle Lamp
Bottle Lamp via
Glassed Bottles for Lamps
Glassed Bottles for Lamps via
Wine Bottles for Lamps
Wine Bottles for Lamps via

Drinking Glasses
Make stylish glasses with the old bottles.

Glasses via

Photos Frame

Don’t you think that the original photo frames will not be stylish for your vintage photos? You may think about using the bottle to be your photo frames. They are versatile as well as beautiful.

Jars for Photos
Jars for Photos via
Bottle for Photos
Bottle for Photos via

Make a glittered vase with the old bottle and put the flowers you like.

Glittered Bottles
Glittered Bottles via
For Flowers
For Flowers via

Mini Garden
You don’t have a garden? You can build your favorite garden in the jars randomly.

Mini Gardens
Mini Gardens via
Garden in Jar
Garden in Jar via

Wind Chime
We love the clear sound that the wine bottles make.

Wind Chime
Wind Chime via
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