21 Home Decorating Ideas to Bring Makeovers

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To welcome a new month, what do you usually do? Why not bring some makeovers to your house and make a pretty place to live? It’s not easy for any of us to decorate the house because we will consider so many things. You should pay attention to the color of the house tone, the light, the furniture and so on.

To change the tone of your house, you are suggested to get back to the simplest style. Even black and white can make an excellent paradise. Get inspired from an OREO cookie and try to get things in just black and white. However, not everyone love this so-simple style. When someone want a little bit sophisiticate look but more comfortable style for home, they can use stripes or plus signs to spice up your carpet, your curtain or your cushions.

To lighten up your windowless rooms, your can use the semi-opaque materials and lead the lights from the other rooms or other windows. Actually semi-opaque materials can not only filter the light but also make a romantic vibe for the rooms.

To make a larger space for your home, you can clean up your rooms first and then seperate your room with a curtain into two rooms. It’s an useful way to make more private space for a room.

More ideas can be found in the below post. As usually, Prettydesigns will offer you many a idea in order to live a better life.

Palatable Footwear

Palatable Footwear via

DIY Iron Mesh Moodboard

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Funny Furniture

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Kids Stuff Organizer

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A Single Overhead Lightbulb

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A Wall-mounted Shelf Bracket

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Floor Lamps

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Pantry Organization Makeover

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White Tone Kitchen

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Pallet Wood Wall Bathroom

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New Staircase

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DIY Tub Surround with Airstone

DIY Tub Surround with Airstone via

Black and White Tone

Black and White Tone via

Semi-opaque Materials

Semi-opaque Materials via

White Curtain to Separate A Room

White Curtain to Separate A Room via

Sliding Walls

Sliding Walls via

Cozy Blanket

Cozy Blanket via

Breakfast Bar

Breakfast Bar via

Display Everything Simply

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Display Your Favorite Books

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Clothes Storage

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