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10 Incredible Living Room Ideas to Redesign your Home

The living room is one of the most commonly used spaces in the house. It’s where the family comes together, and memories are made. For a space that is arguably one of the most important spaces in a home, it makes sense that you would want to put some thought into how to redesign it to make it come alive. The key to designing a beautiful, cozy living space is to map out the existing layout of the room and tie in comfort and style to it.

Here are 10 incredible living room ideas that can bring your home to life:

The Centre of Attraction 

Living Room Ideas
Living Room Ideas – Source: Pixabay

In most modern living spaces, television sets are the center of attraction, and it’s worthwhile to pay attention to how and where to position your TV. For starters, consider how big a television set is ideal for your room – a thumb rule to identify the perfect size is to be able to comfortably see the entire frame from the couch where you’ll be seated.

You should position the television correctly by making sure that it is high enough for comfortable viewing and at an optimum distance from the speakers of your home theatre system to maximize the ‘sweet spot’, which is the seating position where there is maximum immersion.

Having wires stick out of your wall-mounted TV can give the space an unpleasant and cluttered look. Check out our guide on how to hide TV wires for cable management solutions that will leave your TV flush with the wall.

Place your TV above the fireplace, on a shelf with books to go with it, or simply on a minimalistic wall of a light or pastel shade. 

Add Spirit with Shades and Textures

One of the most important aspects of designing a living room involves choosing the right shades and textures for your walls.

For a light and airy feeling, you can choose white-brick walls, paired with wood panels, marble, and large glass windows that bring in a good amount of natural light.

You can also use these windows to tie the mood of the living room to the natural beauty of the garden, so you can step out of the living room and into the garden in a smooth transition that feels seamless. Adding house plants to the mix can work wonders too and give you a healthy dose of organic freshness and add a spark of life to your living room.

Pastel shades for living room walls are an all-time trend that adds warmth and expression to your living room without taking away from its airiness.

Set the Vibe with Lighting

Set the Vibe with Lighting
Set the Vibe with Lighting Source: Pixabay

Simply changing the lighting in your living room can change the vibe completely.

One great way to make your living space cozy is to add a mix of indirect light and spotlights. You can have strips of dimmable warm white LEDs line your ceiling to give you ample amounts of light that fill the entire room, while spotlights will add contrast and draw attention to pieces of décor such as wall art or table-top sculptures. Standing lamps are another great addition to the lighting scheme of your living space that will add variety and give you plenty of light where you need it.

Consider finishing it off by adding smart mood and accent lighting behind furniture and shelves that can react to your music and change the way you’d like them to. Adding a chandelier can add to the luxe factor and give the room a more polished vibe.

Add a Touch of Luxury with Draperies and Curtains

It’s essential to understand how you can make draperies and curtains work to your advantage and give you flexibility in terms of how much natural light you want in the room at any point. The difference between drapes and curtains is that drapes are much heavier and let in much less light than curtains, which are often sheer and let in a good amount of light.

A good interplay between the drapes and curtains are ideal so you can let in light if you want to, but also have the option to dim the room a little for a more relaxed atmosphere. Pairing your color-matched drapes and curtains with a valance will add character to your room and give it an identity.

Make a Statement with Your Furniture

 Living Room Ideas
Living Room Ideas – Source: Pixabay

Adding furniture that matches the aesthetic of your room is essential, and that’s something we cannot over-emphasize.

While choosing your couches, lounge chairs, and ottomans, it’s important to find the perfect balance of form and function. They should be cozy while simultaneously making a statement. Another useful addition to your living room is a nice, cozy recliner for those movie nights that you might want to enjoy with your family.

Apart from seating options, a good coffee table that matches your furniture, as well as side tables with storage, are important so you can set your phone aside and live in the moment.

Scents – For That Olfactory Goodness

Living Room Ideas
Living Room Ideas – Source: Pixabay

The olfactory aspect of a living room is often overlooked while designing it though it plays a crucial role in how it brings the vibe of the room together. The scents that you use for your living room must complement the styles of furniture and the textures in the room. Lighting scented candles that make the room smell fresh as musty-smelling rooms aren’t all that cozy.

Express Yourself with Art

What could be a better way to express yourself than with art? Choosing one statement art piece that adds a touch of personalization to the room is ideal and will capture the attention of your guests. Adding sculptures and small water-fountains are other great additions to the living room that will truly be expressive of your character and contribute to a finer experience.

Keeping Things Minimal with Ample Storage

Every room needs storage, and the living space is no exception. Finding side tables and coffee tables that include storage options are great for remotes, magazines, and other consumables that you’re likely to have in the living room. Storage spaces are great to keep things organized and not letting the room feeling cluttered with things that don’t always need to be in sight.

Accessorize with Lush Rugs and Carpets 

Accessorize with Lush Rugs and Carpets 
Accessorize with Lush Rugs and Carpets  – Source: Pixabay

Accessorizing your living space with soft and comfortable rugs that you can sink your feet into are never a bad idea. The feeling of relaxing with your bare feet sunk into lush and soft carpets while watching your favorite television show after a long day at work is unparalleled and is a good reason for you to consider adding carpets and rugs to the mix. Not only are they great additions visually, but they also contribute to the textures in the room.

Bring Out the Flavour in the Dining Area

Bring Out the Flavour in the Dining Area
Bring Out the Flavour in the Dining Area  – Source: Pixabay

The dining area is an integral part of the living space experience, and it helps to tie its aesthetic with the living room as well as possible. Make the lighting at the dining area feel welcoming and warm so you can dine in comfort, and match the furniture here to the main living space to make for a smooth transition between the two areas.


Incorporating the tips listed above into your living room with a tinge of your individual flavor is sure to make for an experience that brings together all aspects of comfort, style, and expression seamlessly. Be sure to experiment with several different styles while keeping the above ideas in mind until you come up with something that you’d love to call home to bring your living room to life.

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