Best Womens Headbands in Fun and Fresh Styles

Headbands are a beautiful and often practical accessory for those of us that are constantly getting hair in our faces.

They can be our best friend when we practice yoga, pilates or hit the gym hard. Headbands can also be that pop of colour or something pretty to add to our total ensemble.

headband for women

1. Half Hoo Headband

This product from Hoo-Rag is perfect for when you need to get sweaty and keep those irritating flyaways off your face.

It’s perfect for catching sweat that can get in your eyes and irritate your skin. Hoo-Rag have made their headbands half the size of their original, so this product doesn’t sit too heavy on your head and therefore relieves you of headband headaches.

This headband, aptly named the half hoo, is mainly designed for sports. However there is nothing stopping you from popping the half hoo on while you go down the road to pick up your groceries and have a coffee.

2. Hoo-Rag Sports Headband

Hoorag have come to our rescue again with their ultimate tubular sports headband which can be purchased in packs of four, with the fourth one free.

These Hoo-Rag headbands provide added protection from the sun with their UPF +30 material design. Their high quality material means this headband is durable too.

This sports headband can be worn six different ways. You can throw your hair up into a ponytail with it, use it as an alice band style while working out or simply wear it while catching up with friends.

This design can also be used as an aesthetically pleasing cowl. Just draw it down to your neck and with their great price deals, you can choose several different colours to suit your outfit for the day.

3. Anthropologie Black Farren Twist Headband

This Black Farren Twist Headband from Anthropologie is an excellent accessory for the look you throw together when you know you’ve got a lazy day at home.

Whether it’s a sick day, a weekend or a day where looking made up is simply out of your range, this headband will not only keep your messy bun off of your face, but it will make your lounging around outfit extra comfortable.

It’s stretchy at the back and has a cute little twist at the front, so it will certainly sit nicely no matter how long you binge watch on the couch. This little number comes in a range of colours, so maybe you want to choose your favourite colour to keep you smiling?

4. Arizara Headband

The Iconic never fails to give us a huge selection of options and hot sale items and the Ariza Headband by Izoa is a magnificent product.

This headband is beautifully bejeweled and the yellow fabric will look beautiful with a formal outfit. This design also comes in several other colours. For those wanting a more down played look, we love the blue and light grey. The small knot doesn’t draw away from the beautiful sparkles dotted around the headband.

The headband will also elongate your figure, by bringing a small amount of height on top of your head. You will look like a queen. Whether you’re heading out for a special night or want to feel beautiful at home, this headband is perfect for any woman.

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