How to Choose Your Quote Tattoos

Do you want to get a tattoo but can’t decide on a specific design? Here you might find your perfect solution.

There are mainly two types of people getting tattoos: the ones who get them for the design itself and the ones who get a tattoo for the meaning and message the tattoo transmits to the ones who see it.

If you are one of the people who want significance and meaning what you need is quote tattoo. This type of tattoo is beautiful only through its font, through the shape of its letters and through the way everything is aligned. Even though many times an image is worth 1000 words, in this case being more specific and clear regarding the message you want to transmit can be quite useful.

The only tricky part of the quote tattoos is that they need to be short. You can;t choose a too long message or you will end up taking to much skin. Unfortunately most cool messages are quite long so you end up with no solution. Only if you plan to use a lot of body surface you will have no problem. But if you are like me you probably have a small area designated for the tattoo. So you have no option but to choose a message that can fit in a really small area.

Some time ago I wanted to get a quote tattoo with a message from my girlfriend with her handwriting. Unfortunately the message was 21 words long. My job is too professional to allow me to carry such a large tattoo. Most people need tattoos which can be easily hidden. So I thought I will get really small characters – like a size 5 font, but it seems that very small letters are not indicated as they start bleeding in time and it’s quite possible that in 10 years from now you will end up with a meaningless blob of ink.

So if you choose to get a quote tattoo make sure to choose a really small message.

Here are some pictures of quote tattoos, enjoy.

Tattoo Quote Ideas
Tattoo Quote Ideas /tumblr
Quote Tattoos
Quote Tattoos /tumblr
Quote Tattoos for Women
Quote Tattoos for Women /tumblr
Lovely Quote Tattoos
Lovely Quote Tattoos /tumblr
Genesis Quote Tattoo by Donatelloth
Genesis Quote Tattoo by Donatelloth
Cute Quote Tattoo for Girls
Cute Quote Tattoo for Girls /tumblr
Cute Quote Tattoo by Robert-Greg-Voulgari
Cute Quote Tattoo by Robert-Greg-Voulgari
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