8 Facts About Digital Perms You Should Know

If you’ve been in the hairstyling world or just interested in the latest trends, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of digital perms. This hair treatment technique, originating from the fashionable streets of Japan and Korea, has rapidly gained international attention. The promise of beautiful, natural-looking waves with low maintenance has lured many to try it. But before you eagerly book your salon appointment, it’s essential to understand what a digital perm entails. Here are eight fascinating facts about digital perms, starting with the first four.

1. It’s Not Your Average Perm

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A crucial distinguishing point between digital perms and traditional perms is their ultimate result. When we picture perms, we often imagine the tight, uniform curls that our grandmothers or mothers donned in their younger years. Traditional perms create such curls, using chemicals to break and reform the bonds of the hair in a specific pattern.

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However, digital perms are a whole different ballgame. They’re tailored to produce looser, natural-looking waves, mimicking the look you’d get after a day spent at the beach. This is achieved through digitally controlled thermal rods, which can be adjusted to varying temperatures. This fine-tuning allows the stylist to customize the perm according to the client’s preferences and hair type, creating unique, personalized results that an average perm simply can’t offer.

2. Heat is the Key

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When it comes to digital perms, heat is not only a component—it’s the key. In the realm of perms, we have two categories: “cold perms” and “hot perms.” A traditional, or “cold,” perm employs room-temperature chemicals to alter the hair structure, which often results in tight, defined curls.

Conversely, digital perms fall under the “hot perms” category. These perms use the heat from thermal rods to restructure the hair, creating the desired wave pattern. The heat allows the formation of softer, more relaxed waves, giving a more natural appearance than the defined curls from cold perms.

3. Hair Type Matters

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As with any hair treatment, the effectiveness of a digital perm is closely linked to your hair type. Hair type influences how your hair responds to the treatment and how long the results last. Those with thick and coarse hair often get the best results from a digital perm. Their hair can better withstand the heat and hold the curls for a longer duration. It’s akin to wearing a warm coat in the winter—the denser the coat, the better it protects against the cold.

On the other hand, those with fine hair might not see as dramatic results. Fine hair is more delicate and may not hold the curls as well or withstand the heat as effectively. That’s not to say those with fine hair can’t get a digital perm, but they should definitely consult with their hairstylist before proceeding.

4. A Longer Process

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Although the allure of waking up with ready-to-go waves sounds incredible, getting a digital perm is not an instantaneous process. A digital perm is a commitment—not only in aftercare but also in the time spent in the salon chair.

On average, getting a digital perm can take between three to five hours. This duration depends on several factors such as your hair length, thickness, and desired results. It’s not a quick in-and-out procedure like a trim or color touch-up. It’s more like an extended spa treatment for your hair. So make sure to clear your schedule for the day before you book your digital perm appointment.

5. The Styling is Effortless

One of the main attractions of a digital perm is how it simplifies the daily styling routine. Unlike traditional perms, which might require curling products or tools to maintain their defined curls, digital perms need little assistance to retain their form. The waves from a digital perm will beautifully fall into place, whether your hair is dried naturally or with a hairdryer. Forget about time-consuming curling irons and wave creators—your hair is effortlessly styled as soon as you step out of the shower!

6. It Has a Longer Lifespan

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Traditional perms often lose their tight curls after a few months, but digital perms are known for their longevity. A digital perm can last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on your hair type and how well you maintain it. The use of heat in the process allows the waves to stay intact longer, granting you the joy of longer-lasting, low-maintenance waves. Just imagine: waking up with salon-perfect hair for months!

7. It’s Versatile for Different Lengths

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Although the digital perm process does shorten hair length slightly due to the curling effect, it’s versatile across various hair lengths. Whether you have shoulder-length hair wanting beach waves or long hair dreaming of gentle, flowing curls, digital perms can cater to your desires. Remember to consult with your hairstylist on the best wave pattern and rod size for your specific hair length and style preference.

8. Post-Treatment Care is Crucial

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The secret to maintaining the gorgeous waves from a digital perm lies in the post-treatment care. Just as we need food and water to thrive, permed hair also needs nourishment to stay healthy and vibrant. Using hydrating, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners can help protect and moisturize your waves. Regular deep-conditioning treatments will replenish lost moisture from the perm process and minimize possible dryness or damage.Korean Digital Perms 4

Digital perms, with their ability to create natural, long-lasting waves, have revolutionized the world of hairstyling. They offer a unique combination of beauty, versatility, and convenience that traditional perms can’t match. If you’re dreaming of waking up with effortlessly styled, beachy waves every day, it might be time to consider a digital perm. However, remember to consult with your professional hairstylist to ensure your hair type is suitable, and you’re ready for the commitment that this fantastic treatment requires. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll enjoy the captivating waves that a digital perm brings for many months to come.

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