DIY Projects: How to Make Napkin Rings

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To have a wonderful family get-togethering for Thanksgiving Day, the Thanksgiving dinner plays an important part. However, before you enjoying the delicious food, it’s important to set the dinner table as well. Today, we are going to offer you some ideas of decorating your table for Thanksgiving dinner.

This time, we have picked up some easy DIY projects. The projects provide you with useful ideas to make the napkin rings. As we all know, napkins are the must-have stuff for every dinner table. It’s good for you to decorate the napkins in order to make a more beautiful table. These napkin rings are decorative for all the napkins.

Check them out right away and get your hands busy. If you want to get more information, you can click the links. Enjoy.

Acorn Napkin Rings

Acorn Napkin Rings  via

Gold Napkin Rings

Gold Napkin Rings via

Floral Napkin Rings

Floral Napkin Rings via

Easy Colorblock Napkin Rings

Easy Colorblock Napkin Rings via

Colored Leaf Napkin Rings

Colored Leaf Napkin Rings via

Bottle Cap Napkin Ring

Bottle Cap Napkin Ring via

Napkin Rings with Leaf

Napkin Rings with Leaf via

Beaded Napkin Rings

Beaded Napkin Rings via

Turkey Napkin Rings

Turkey Napkin Rings via

Leave Napkins

Leave Napkins via