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DIY Projects for Thanksgiving Place Cards

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DIY Projects for Thanksgiving Place Cards

Last time, we choosed some easy ideas for you to make your Thanksgiving tables. Then this time we will continue to introduce some Thanksgiving table decorating ideas to you. The post will tell you how to make place cards for the dinner in order to have a good arrangement of your guests.

All the DIY projects here are not required special materals and they don’t cost much as well. You can create the place cards just with paper, coks or other things you can find at home.

Just enjoy what we have picked up for you and get your hands busy. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Table.

Word Search Place Cards

Word Search Place Cards via

Cute Place Cards

Cute Place Cards via

Turkey Feather Place Cards

Turkey Feather Place Cards via

Flower Turkey Place Card

Flower Turkey Place Card via

Cute Place Card Stander

Cute Place Card Stander via

Pear Place Card

Pear Place Card via

Dip-dyed Place Card Holder

Dip-dyed Place Card Holder via

Silhouette Place Card

Silhouette Place Card via

Apple Place Card

Apple Place Card via

Neon Place Card Holder

Neon Place Card Holder vioa

Cone Place Card Holder

Cone Place Card Holder via

Paper Pumpkin Place Cards

Paper Pumpkin Place Cards via

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