Do You Know How Grooming Ages You?

Age. It’s the battle we all face. We’re constantly surrounded by celebrities fighting the never-ending battle of anti-aging products and procedures – and it’s not just women. On the flip side, some of us are trying to look older as a way to command more respect. Here, men, is your simple guide to discover how different ways of grooming can make you look older or younger.

The Baby Face

Going clean-shaven can dramatically cut years from your face, especially if you always rock facial hair. If you’re going for a younger vibe, lighten up your facial hair, or consider shaving it off altogether. If you’re braving the baby face, use Woody’s Shave Lather followed by Woody’s Relief Balm for smooth, soft skin.

The Full Beard/Mustache Combo

On the other hand, donning a full beard and ‘stache can make you look older – or at least old enough to grow a full beard. Thicker facial hair can be a great option for young guys wanting to seem a few years older, whether it’s to get more respect from peers or pick up an older woman. Just be wary of a full face of hair for the office, though – keep your beard neatly trimmed, or you’ll lose that respect you worked so hard to grow gain.

One or the Other

Like a full face of hair, choosing just one area of the face to focus on (such as a mustache or a goatee) can help add on a year or two for youngins’ wanting to appear older. However, if you start with a full beard and mustache and transition down to just a beard or mustache, you can help trim off (pun intended) a few years, if that’s your goal.

The 5 O’clock Shadow

If you’re looking for the “sweet spot” of facial hair, grow out a little bit of stubble. The 5 o’clock shadow offers just enough roughness that you won’t look like a baby-faced teen but not an overwhelming amount of hair that ages you, either. Even better? Stubble is rated as the sexiest of all types of facial hair among women.

Hair Length

Deciding on a length for your hair can show signs of age as well – or at least give the world the sense for how old you truly feel. If you’ve decided to rock your wrinkles but choose to grow your hair longer, you can still give the world a sense of youthfulness. You’ll also maintain the respect of being an elder, just one that enjoys a good time. Shorter hair can be the best route for keeping people guessing on your hair, based on how you decide to style it, of course. Sticking with a normal part won’t usually add or subtract years, but adding some punch to your style (like a faux hawk, spikes or a tussle) gives off a more youthful vibe. A product like Woody’s Cream can give you the flexibility you want to retain a youthful glow.

To Dye or Not to Dye

These days, trends in male hair is moving toward embracing the gray. A great role model for aging men is George Clooney. He keeps his hair short and loose but jazzes it up when the occasion calls for it. If you’re not ready for gray, consult your stylist for the best color solution for your hair. Do not, I repeat, do not use a drugstore or box dye – always let the professionals handle it. Whether you’re wanting to add or chisel off years from your look, put extra time and effort into your grooming.
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