7 Easy Ways to Achieve (and Maintain) Perfect Skin

Don’t let the change in weather be an excuse to flake out on your skin!

Being the largest organ in our body, our skin (unfortunately) is the first to deal with everything! Stress, hormones, everyday toxins, and lack of hydration are only a few of the problems that trigger inflammation and wreak havoc our skin. The good news is that we CAN and do, have some say in how these factors actually affect us!

I’m no expert, but what I’ve noticed is that by making a few adjustments to my daily regimen, my skin has changed drastically. And the process was actually very easy.

..And so here it is! 7 of my favorite tried and trusted remedies on achieving and maintaining absolutely radiant, healthy skin!

1. Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies

Never be afraid to educate yourself on what ingredients are in the products you use. The ingredients should be familiar to you, and when they aren’t, look them up! Don’t be sold by something because it sounds good. Instead, invest your money and time on ingredients promote healthy skin.

Ready to make your own at home? – try this amazing face scrub!

2. Drink To Hydrate

girl drink water
Drink To Hydrate

Sip on drinks throughout the day that are hydrating!

Water: Water should be your main squeeze. It really is the bomb. com. I mean, let’s be honest; nothing quenches your thirst like a cold glass of h20! For me personally, I believe one of the best qualities about water (other than it being super hydrating), is that it helps to flush out the nasty toxins that keep our pores clogged and our skin looking dull and unhealthy.

Coconut Water: This drink packs a mean potassium kick, which is great for the skin! Potassium plays a major role by helping to regulate how hydration is balanced in our bodies. Coconut water is so refreshing, it’s low in calories and very high in electrolytes. (That means you can skip the over-sugar-y drinks that are NOT helping your skin out at all!)

Vegetable juices: Fruits and veggies have a high water content, which is superb for stressed out skin! Because the process of juicing removes the fiber from veggies and fruits, it goes directly into the bloodstream so you get an instant hydration boost and a nice little mood-picker-upper!

Curious about juicing? Try one of these super yummy recipes!

3. Eat Vitamin-Rich Foods

Eat Vitamin-Rich Foods
Eat Vitamin-Rich Foods

Vitamin-rich foods really work well at improving and repairing the skin. Therefore, we should eat tons of them! Vitamins A, B3, C, E, and K are the best! These vitamins help at regenerating new cells, calming down redness, hydrating, brightening and evening out our complexion.

Best vitamin-rich foods: Lemons, celery, beets, dandelion greens, parsley, spinach, carrots, brussel sprouts, asparagus, sweet potatoes.

4. Change Your Linen (Frequently!)

Clean linen makes for clear skin. Change your pillowcases and sheets often to avoid any unnecessary irritations. Also be sure to check your laundry detergent in case it has comedogenic ingredients that might cause your skin to flare up.

5. Sweat!

Exercise: One of THE best things you can do for your skin is to help speed up the detoxification process by working out! Get up and move! Even a brisk walk or run will do the trick.

Sauna: Spend 10-20 minutes (a few times a week) in a sauna to detox skin. The high heat causes our skin to sweat immediately, releasing toxins from the skin. Saunas are also great for soothing sore muscles, so if you’re doing any intensive training, you should treat yourself to a sauna sesh!

Steaming: So you’re not much of a gym rat? No big whoop! Let your shower steam up for 5 minutes before you jump in. Stand in front of the steam (avoiding contact with the water-it’s hot!), for 5-10 minutes. Wash, and follow up with a cool shower. Your skin will feel tighter and you’ll feel a lot more at ease.

6. Dry Brush

Are you a dry-brusher? You should be! No lie, I was sold after my first use. Dry brushing has been around for ages, and I swear by it. The brush not only exfoliates the skin, it helps with your circulation, it promotes detoxification and it also makes the skin feel a little firmer, afterwards.

How to dry brush: You want to start at the ankles and move up toward your heart. When you’re working on your arms, start at the fingertips, gradually moving up along your shoulders. Avoid using a dry brush for your face, as it can be a little too abrasive for exfoliating gentle areas of the body.

7. Rest

We are so over-occupied these days. Slow down and get some zzz’s! Lack of sleep can trigger stress, which we all know is acne’s bff. Getting an adequate amount of sleep keeps us (and our skin) more clear and calm throughout the day.

What’chya think? Any remedies above you might try in the near future? Let us know! I think now’s a better time than ever to be good to your skin. When you look good on the inside, it definitely reflects on the outside!

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