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21 Flattering Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

While some people think that pixie cuts are meant for long faces, there are some styles that can definitely match round faces. All it takes is a masterful cut and a great combination of colors.

Do you want to get a pixie cut even though you have a round face? Here are some glamorous pixie haircuts for round faces to choose from.

Sideswept Strands in Chestnut Brown

With this haircut, you’ll look neat and tidy as the strands are combed symmetrically to the side. Maintenance is not hard, as long as you have a good comb and product to deal with unkempt hair strands.

cute layered pixie cut

Cutesy and Sideswept Pixie

The volume of this haircut can definitely make it top in a list of pixie haircuts for round faces. Aside from that, the side-swept fashion can make you look more charming than ever. You’ll need some hairspray though.

short pixie cut with long bangs for round faces

Simple Pixie in Jet Black

Sometimes, being simple can bring improvements to your appearance. This simple pixie haircut is elegant in its own way, and you don’t even need to break a sweat when it comes to maintenance.

very short haircut for women over 40 pixie cut

Brushed Up with a Touch of Grey

A brushed-up pixie cut can achieve a boyish look. If you dig this kind of style, then you’ll look more confident and outgoing. The gray color is also effective in adding a glamour factor to the hairstyle.

very short haircut for women -pixie cut

Smooth and Side-Flowing Pixie Cut in Wood Brown

Sexy is the word that can describe this hairstyle best. At one glance, it may appear that this cut is meant for a long face. However, the cut is versatile enough for a round face. This haircut can be considered as one of the sexiest pixie haircuts for round faces.

simple layered long pixie cut with bangs

Heavily Side-Swept Cut in Plain Elegance

Your haircut is a strong factor in determining your mood. Now, with the heavily side-swept pixie cut, you’ll always feel proud and self-confident. The side-swept fashion of the hair looks professional, especially if you can find a beautiful, matching dress.

longer pixie cut for women over 50

Youthful Layered Brown Pixie Cut

A pixie cut can make you younger by a couple of years. In this variation, the charm of youthfulness is undeniable. Additionally, the dash of light brown contributes a lighter feeling.

short sleek pixie hairstyle for fine thin hair

Office-Ready in Golden Brown

If you’re looking for a new style in the office, you can check out this haircut. The golden brown strands are neatly combed and styled, giving you that professional look. To maintain this haircut, you need to have a reliable hair cream or natural wax in your bag.

Cute short sleek pixie cut for women

Layered Pixie in Platinum White

White resembles the color of purity and order. Once sported in a pixie cut, the result is a fashion masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. This dazzling haircut can increase your personal glow, and can also heighten your modern beauty.

Cute Long Pixie Haircuts with Layers

Regular Pixie with Swirling White Strands

Do you want to take the white pixie cut to a whole new level? Then try it out with swirling strands. Once you try on this cut, you’ll notice how it can make you look more classy and contemporary at the same time. Take the world by storm now!

Cute simple easy daily pixie cut with layers

Wavy Blonde Cut

This wavy blonde cut reflects grace even in simple aspects. The strands of the hair wave accordingly, making the haircut symmetrical for your round face.

Celebrity short blonde pixie cut for fine hair

Simple Volumized Maple Pixie

Maple evokes the passion of youth, giving you that relative charm needed in social functions. The volume complements round faces better, rather than long faces.

Redhead - chic layered short pixie cut for winter

Jet Black Spikes

This cut is reminiscent of the punk-rock heydays, yet still very viable today. Among other pixie haircuts for round faces, this one has the most rugged approach. If you want to be seen as a strong woman, this style can do the trick.

side view of pixie cut

Side-Swept Bangs with Reddish Tinge

Side-swept pixie cuts are good in highlighting round faces. In this reddish pixie hairstyle, you’ll look more radiant and elegant. If you can top this off with a great dress, your awesome meter will soar high.

Short Pixie Cut for fine thin hair

Pure Black with Sharp Strands

Probably one thing that you’ll notice in this haircut is that it is also a side-swept version, albeit on the other side. Black is seen again with this style—ready to bring glamor and class to anyone. By sporting this cut, you’ll feel like a celebrity ready to own the world.

Short Pixie Cut For Round Face

Lavishly Tidy Pixie Cut in Dark Brown

When it comes to hairstyle, brown is downright irresistible—perhaps next to black. This lavishly tidy haircut is neatly combed to perfection and can fit your choice well if you have a thing for pixie cuts.

easy daily short haircut - pixie cut for busy women

Jet-Black with Multi-Directional Strands

Almost considered messy, this pixie cut is a great choice for busy moms, since there’s no hassle in maintenance. The strands shooting in different directions can evoke feelings of independence and ‘silent rebellion.’ Be sure to include this style in your selection of pixie haircuts for round faces.

short messy pixie cut for round faces

Blonde and Brown Synergy

Haircut combinations can be really hard sometimes. This style, however, fuses blonde and brown excellently—all thanks to neatly-cut sections. If you’re highly independent and experimental, this haircut will suit you best.

Side View of short pixie cut for fine hair

Smooth and All-flowing Pixie Cut

This pixie cut flows very smoothly. It can make anyone younger, and is also versatile enough to match your round face. Once you choose this style, it can enhance your beauty and magnify your charm.

Michelle Williams Short Hair with Headband for Round Faces
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Evenly Combed and Graceful Pixie Cut

A pixie cut can be styled in numerous variations. In this style, the hair is almost evenly combed, making it graceful and alluring. You may want to try out this style if you’re going to parties and special occasions.

Emma Watson Short Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Clean Pixie Cut with Green Highlights

If you’re thinking of additional style and class, then this clean pixie cut will fit your preference. This haircut is great for attending parties and night raves. The green highlights can also make you more appealing.

short pixie haircut for fine thin hair

Are you satisfied with these popular pixie haircuts for round faces? Find your best style now and stand proud – rock it like you own it.

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