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It’s about that time of year when you’ll start seeing lighter, brighter, and sunnier hues and hair colors. Winter is practically over and done with, after all, and there’s nothing duller than neglected hair—literally. If you want to keep up with what’s trending in the world of hair artistry, you must develop your color and style while all the new looks are still fresh. At the moment, that could mean reading up on what it means to get an “expensive blonde” color. This hot trend requires a bit of research. Then, you’ll have to learn how to take care of it with salon-quality products like toning violet shampoo and other beneficial formulas for blondes.

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Starting with a Fall Trend

Before expensive blonde, other hair trends made a fiery impact on social media platforms. They were started and sported by hairstylists and celebrities, and once the ball got rolling, nobody couldn’t stop it—not that they wanted to. The following is just a short recap of the trends leading up to the expensive blonde.

Popular Hair Care Trends

There was a range of popular hair trends for fall and winter. You might have been a little surprised to see lots of pink hues, but there were more chic looks like choppy cuts and caramel highlights. As fall came to a close, we saw the start of another rise of the redheads, but then came the expensive brunette.

Expensive Brunette

The expensive brunette was a soft, natural-looking brown weaved with fine highlights and lowlights of various shades. This look was super time-consuming to attain, and with all the hours and the finesse it took, the result was, of course, a little pricey. Hence the name, expensive brunette.

Brightening Things Up for Spring

Winter this year, as it tends to do, felt long. It’s no wonder that as the sun sticks around a little longer each day, so many people are on-board with a bright, new trend. With celebrities like Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba leading the way, expensive blonde might be here for more than just the season.

What Is Expensive Blonde?

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Expensive blonde is the new, hottest hair trend of the season. It’s a play on the expensive brunette looks, with the same idea of elevating and perfecting dimensions and blending. This rich-looking trend varies in coloring, with various fine highlights and lowlights depending on what you want. If you’re getting this style, make sure you cut out a big chunk of time for your salon appointment. You’ll have to describe exactly what you want to your stylist in terms of weaving in the shades you want, like golden, sand, butterscotch, platinum, beige, or honey, and the blonde tones you want to avoid.

The Draw of a Natural Look

Expensive blonde has a softness that is accomplished by scattering the different highlights and lowlights through your hair subtly and seamlessly. This is something to be left in the hands of a professional. Do not try to achieve expensive blonde at home. To grow out well, with minimal distinction between the roots and your color, you want that effortless, natural appearance to your hair. It will look pristine for much longer because it might appear that your hair naturally fades to darker shades towards the top. Other low-maintenance blonde hues that might take less time to achieve include oat milk or cashew blondes—pale, natural shades. With any of these colors, you still have a fair amount you can do to help them look their best for longer periods.

Taking Care of Your Hair

You spent a lot of time researching expensive blonde coloring and styles, explaining what you want to your stylist, and letting them work their magic. After all that, it’s up to you to maintain the perfection that is your expensive blonde.

Blonde-Specific Hair Care

Especially if you’re new to blonde hair, you need to dive into all the best hair care products to tend to your new look. Some of you may have enjoyed blonde hair for a while now, but you still need these items on hand. Once a week, use a toning violet shampoo (A.K.A. purple shampoo) to neutralize any brassy colors showing up in your expensive blonde. If you have a more golden-hued expensive blonde, maybe lessen the use of your toning violet shampoo to once every two weeks. On non-toning days, you can employ a non-toning purple shampoo and conditioner to ensure your locks get the proper color support.

The Ideal Technique

Here’s a breakdown of the technique to use to maintain your hair with blonde-specific products, as well as a couple of extra hairstylist-approved formulas to help your hair look and feel its best. First of all, keep your hair feeling cleansed and moisturized with a toning violet shampoo once a week and a non-toning purple shampoo and conditioner on other shampoo days. Before drying, apply a salon-quality hair detangler and comb it through. While your hair is still damp or after it’s dry, use hair oil specifically for blondes to ensure some shine and heat protection.

Styling Expensive Blonde Hair

Styling your new look is all a part of the fun. It’s highly recommended that you start with a professional (perhaps the stylist who colored your hair) and have them give you a flattering cut. Then you can work on achieving the natural-looking everyday style you love. That’s the goal, isn’t it? You want a multi-dimensional look so that your style appears to fall effortlessly into place.

Soft Layers From the Salon

Those soft layers you can get in the salon are ideal for expensive blonde. They bring out the highlights and lowlights twinkling about in your hair to better display your new color. Leaving the salon, you might love the way your new cut falls around your shoulders in a light, fluffy pillow of blonde. Yet, you won’t always be blow-drying your hair to perfection, and you may not have all the products your hairstylist used. Don’t worry, though. There will be other ways to style your hair, displaying all those beautiful layers and that fresh blonde hue to perfection.

Natural-Looking Waves at Home

Once you get home, the magic of the salon doesn’t have to fade away completely. You can easily style your cut and color to perfection, whether you air dry your locks or use a hairdryer. While your hair is damp or dry, apply a little bit of blonde-supporting oil and comb it through for a soft, high-shine finish. If your hair is a little damp, but you want it to dry with waves, braid it in two separate braids and keep them bound with a loose elastic until dry for some natural-looking waves. Alternatively, you could use some heat styling techniques to get soft, salon-style waves throughout your hair. Both styles are perfect for showing off expensive blonde coloring.

Ultimately, expensive blonde is a lovely trend for spring and summer, and it will easily blend and transition into other seasons as your hair grows out. While you have that expensive blonde look, make sure you’re taking care of it. You didn’t put all that time, effort, and money into the look only to let it fade or start looking brassy. Invest in a few hair care products catering to blondes, like a weekly toning violet shampoo, as well as a daily non-toning purple shampoo, a no-tone purple conditioner, and even oil. They’ll help you maintain your look between salon visits, so you can enjoy that expensive look as temperatures climb and the sun continues to shine.

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