Hair Layers: What It Can Do For You and How You Can Work With The “Modern” Style

When people want their hair to get a modern look, the easiest way they can do this is to get the layered hairstyles. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have – long, short, choppy, piecey, sliced or razored, layers are a very hot look this season.

Kristin's long layered hair
Kristin’s long layered hair /

Three Things Layering Can Do For The Hair

1 – Layering Frames The Face

When you layer your hair, the face gets some added softness. Attention is brought forth to the cheekbones and eyes. Chunky bangs or softly layered hair style frames the face and will make a noticeable difference in an ordinary haircut.

2 – Gives It Some Body

When you have thick, heavy hair, adding layers to it gives it some movement. It’ll remove the extra weight but that’s not all. Layers will draw out the natural wave in the hair. If you use a large-barreled curling iron on a straight layered hair, you can accentuate chunky layers and give it some fullness and body.

3 – Styling Is Simpler

When you have a layered hairstyle, you spend less time styling your hair, as they dry quicker, are lighter and easy to mess with. Plus, layering brings out the hair’s natural texture, which allows you to have a long-lasting, easy style.

How The Layers Get Cut

You might be wondering how a hairstylist layers hair. It begins by lifting hair strands off your head and cutting them at various angles in correlation to the head’s curve.

– Uniform layered hairstyle – The cut is generally at a 90-degree angle everywhere on the head.
– Increased layer hairstyle – This cut is usually done on longer hair with layers that have lengths that increases from the top to bottom of the style.
– Choppy layer hairstyle – This cut is made using the tips of shears, special chunking shears or razor to get the uneven, choppy look.

Five Ways You Can Work With Layers

There are at least five ways you can play with your layered hair to get a great look.

1 – Take a flat iron to your hair, ironing out the ends of the layers, small sections at a time. Or, you can go for a smooth, sleek look by straightening out the whole head.
2 – Put your hair up into a sexy but loose hairdo, allowing several stands to fall around your face.
3 – To get some simple waves, wrap parts of your hair into a large-barreled curling iron, setting it with hairspray.
4 – For the casual messy look, use styling gel in your hair and scrunch it up with your hand. Allow the hair to dry naturally.
5 – When you want short, spiky layers, you’ll need to get some holding gel and blow dry your hair. Make sure to create some movement using your fingers. You can also air dry it but make sure to arrange it first.

How To Care For Layered Hairstyles

While you can wash and wear layered hairstyles, you should remember the basic hair care routine to make it look its best.

1 – Trim it regularly to ensure that the ends stay healthy… generally no more than eight weeks between cuts.
2 – Condition your hair on a regular basis to ensure it says soft and manageable.
3 – Maintain a healthy diet so it shows in your hair.

As you can see, layered hairstyles are quite versatile, which will make them popular for many years to come.

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