How to Choose The Right Updo for Your Face Shape

When looking for the right way to style your hair for an occasion, the usual thing to do is to flip through magazines or check out various hairstyle photos which you can mimic. One thing that is often forgotten by women when it comes to picking the hairstyle is that not everyone has the same face shape.

Best Updos for Women
Best Updos for Women

If you really want to be a head-turner during an event, you have to make sure that your long hair is styled the right way so that it would be flattering for the shape of your face. Picking the right one is not so difficult to do so long as you know the basic rules. Here are some of the things that you need to take into consideration:

Updos for Oval Shaped Faces

This is the most ideal face shape because the proportions of the different parts are just right. Truth is, any kind of hairstyle would look good on people with this kind of face shape. However, it would be best to opt for a complete pull back and create a bun so that the face would be highlighted further.

Updos for Round Shaped Faces

For this kind of face shape, the important thing is to take away attention from the cheeks and ears. That way, your face would not look like it is wider than it really is. To be able to achieve this, one option is to create an intricate bun or a high pony tail that is near the crown of your head. This will draw the attention upward and would elongate your face.

Updos for Heart Shaped Face

People with this face shape have a broad forehead and then starts to taper from the cheeks and jaw line, down to the chin. The lower part of the face is narrower compared to the upper part. For this kind of face shape, it is important to draw more attention to the lower part. A partial updo or half pony tail will do the trick. The hair on the crown and upper part will be pulled back while the rest falls gently by the shoulders.

Updos for Pear Shaped Face

The basic characteristic of the pear shaped face is that the forehead is smaller while the jaws are wider. To be able to balance out the proportions of the face, it is important to put more emphasis on the upper part of the hair. A good chignon would work especially if it is positioned near the crown. A tousled bun would also do the trick especially if there are loose locks which could frame the face, particularly the jaw line.

Updos for Square Shaped Face

It could be a bit tricky to work on both the broad forehead and strong jaw line of a square shaped face. The best solution for square shaped face is to opt for curls. Both tight and loose locks would work so long as the curls could frame the face by the jaw line. Curled long hair with layers would be perfect for this kind of face shape.

Regardless of the shape of your face, there will always be an updo which would work for your long hair. Go ahead and experiment which one would make you feel more comfortable and confident. Find more elegant updos on

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