Tips On How To Create A New Wardrobe On A Budget

Everyday when I look at my closet I always to myself ‘I need new clothes.’ But then the ‘But I’m broke’ comes into my mind. It’s true I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on new clothes. So instead of wearing the same 6 shirts I decided to look in to getting rid of clothes and getting a whole new wardrobe.

  1. Go through ALL of your clothes; How can you get a new wardrobe without cleaning out the old one? While going through it think ‘How often do I wear this?’ or ‘Will I wear it again?’ That should help with the confusion of getting rid of or keeping that ugly christmas sweater you hope you’ll get compliments on, but don’t. Be realisic.
  2. Try on the clothes you want to keep; Or try on the clothes you’re debating on getting rid of or keeping. Most of the time, it helps with the decison. If you hate it on you, get rid of if. If you think you’ll wear it and like it on you, keep it. Be honest with yourself, are you going to wear it?
  3. Sell the clothes you don’t want; This is the perfect way to get cash for a whole new wardrobe. There’s plenty websites and apps that you can take a picture of the item and someone can buy it. Also there’s clothing stores that will give you money for your old name brand clothes like Plato’s closet. Keep an ear out or Google it to find out what stores do that.
  4. Look for cheap but quality new clothes; I know it can be difficult since everything is so expensive especially clothes. But there’s a way around unreasonable prices. Like seriously 30 bucks for a tank top?! Look around at different stores or online. There’s plenty of apps that you can buy and sell clothes. Make sure it’ll be something you’ll wear so you won’t waste your hard earned money on something you’ll never use. Admit it, it happens a lot. Shop around and explore website and stores that sell cheap to strech a dollar for more items in your closet. I’ll let you in on a little secret…I use promo codes even if I have the cheapest thing on the website. I’m have expensive taste but I’m cheap. Promo codes are great for saving a dollar or two. Whatever works for you to save money.

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