How to Daytime Eye Makeup: 5 Tips

What do you want for your eye makeup? Usually, glitter liner, smoky shadow or pretty lash may be your favorite eye makeup. However, they can’t match your everyday’s setting for your office lady look. How to make an appropriate daytime eye makeup for the office? You can find 5 rules to follow.

1.No Deep Color and Glitter
Women use makeup to highlight their beautiful, but if they apply too much makeup to the eyes for work, they don’t make an appropriate look. A dark smoky eye or a glitter eyeliner is going to fit the party or the evening outgoing. For a daytime eye makeup, you’d better use light colors and go without dark blue, deep black or glittery.
2.Make Subtle Liners
You may love liners for everyday’s look. You can draw subtle liners with two significant ways. First use eyeliner pencil to make your lashes look full. Second use a flat brush and a potted liner to create a subtle look.
3.Make Your Smoky Eye Lighter
If you are a smoky eye lover and still want to show up your techniques, you will not give up the look even for daytime. To make a more subtle smoky eye makeup, you can choose the lovely colors like plum, grey or brown. Draw a dark eyeliner and make an ombre eyeshadow. Don’t forget to apply thick coats of mascara.
4.Feel free
It’s so great to free your skin. A very simple eye makeup can make your day easy. A fresh and light eye makeup only requires a few things. Firstly, apply a skin tone as a first base. Secondly, make an eyeliner under your lash line. Thirdly, frame your eyes with the perfect eyebrows. Lastly, don’t forget to apply mascara.
5.Wear Makeup You Love
Just wear your favorite color and show your confidence.

Hope you get inspiration from these 5 rules. Live a beautiful life and feel confident!

Daytime Smoky Eye
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Daytime Plum Eye Makeup
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