How to Wear The Trend: Neon Lips

It’s almost April, spring is poppin’, flowers are in bloom, and I need my lips to match the foliage, ya know? Now that you’ve got your neon eyeliner steez in check, it’s time to up your a-game and work that neon lip. I mean, of course I still want my nudes, pinks, red, browns and everything in between, but the sun is shining, it is calling to me, and my lips are reflecting that adventurous, happy, and joyful vibe. Wanna know where you can get some neon lipstick? I’ve got you!

1. Check out KA-OIR for a wide variety of shades in lipstick form. This sweet green is the perfect color to wear when you don’t want anybody to notice you. J/k! It’s an attention grabber, and it is gorgeous.

2. When it comes to bright, bold, vivid colors with staying power, Lime Crime knows what’s up. Grab a stick of No She Didn’t! in a sweet and sassy blue that’s reminiscent of a cartoon sky on a pristine day. Go for it!

Klean Kolor Femme lipsticks

3. Klean Kolor Femme lipsticks come in a variety of neon shades to get your mood lifted and your statement lip on point. These babies are extremely pocketbook/fanny pack/wallet friendly, too. The price point makes this an excellent introduction to neon.

This lavender is everything. Or one thing. And that one thing is ‘amazing’. This lavender is everything. Or one thing. And that one thing is ‘amazing’.

OCC lip tars

4. OCC lip tars are my favorite. Shocker, right? Just a smidgen of color will cover your entire lips. They’re highly pigmented, vibrant, non-drying, and all around awesome sauce. You really can’t go wrong here. They even have a neon red, so you can try out a newer, more modern and edgy take on red, sample that rad spring trend, but still stick to a hue of a color you might already be familiar with.

So what do you think? Have you been wearing neon lipstick for years and this is old hat to you? Are you ready to try something new? Whether you wear it to brunch, a concert, out for a walk or alone in your room staring for hours into a mirror at your amazing lips, neon lipstick is a fun and easy way to add a dramatic pop of color to whatever you’re wearing.

Rihanna look in neon pink

Also, how amazing does Rihanna look in neon pink? So good! You can get that look with some OCC lip tar in Anime!

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