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21 Chic Medium Bob Hairstyles for Women – Mob Haircuts

A Medium bob (or mob) hairstyle is one of the best modern cuts you cuts you can try today. It’s a combination of regular-length hair and the slight shortness of the bob. Are you feeling a bit experimental? If that’s the case, then you should discover these top medium bob hairstyles that can make you gorgeous.

Layered Blonde Mob Cut

Getting that ‘modern chic’ look shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. This haircut can give you that modern glamour that can make people turn their heads. The smooth and downward flow of the hair strands is neat and classy. You need a good hair wax and shampoo to maintain this style.

Hairstylesweekly Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Smooth-Flowing Mob with Purplish Hair Ends

Flowing down to your shoulders, this hairstyle is downright simple and artistic. Highlighted mob haircuts tend to make you look professional, while keeping that unique flair—this haircut can have that same effect.

short straight ombre bob cut

Simple Mob Cut in Swirling Brown Strands

The swirling strands of this cut interlock with each other, creating a unique style. This haircut is great if you’re planning to travel for a week or two. Don’t forget to comb your hair!

Summer and fall balayage bob cut

Simple and Symmetrical

Sometimes, having a simple haircut can emphasize your real beauty. This simple and symmetrical style is one of the best examples. There are no fancy strands here, but it can still make you look elegantly professional.

Cooler Blonde bob haircut

Wavy and Stylish Mob in Ocean Blue

Short hairstyles 2016: In this style, you’ll see the nice blend of ocean blue and the wavy hair strands. This can help you achieve that soulful, artistic look that you want.

trendy short soft wavy dark bob hairstyle

Layered and Flowing Mob Cut

If you want to achieve a rather unique and interesting look, then this mob haircut can suit you well. The flowing, highlighted section of the hair can heighten your beauty in a simple way. Your friends will even love the transformation.

Ombre A-line bob cut

Swirling Pink and Electrifying Mob Cut

Excellent for a rave, this hairstyle can catch the attention of anyone that you’ll encounter. The pink swirls also add unique effects to the haircut. You should include this style as one of the raving mob haircuts that you’ll try out.

Side view of red wavy bob hairstyle
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Classy Golden Curls

The golden curls of this style can give you a mysterious impression on others. This haircut also has a ‘semi-rebellious’ feel that will improve your charm.

Lucy Hale ombre wavy bob haircut

Care-Free Mob Cut

Are you a fan of carefree and non-stressful hairstyles? Then this mob cut will fit your preference. The hair strands are flowing neatly and it only takes a good comb to maintain them. This is an easy wash and wear style.

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Mob Cut with Balayage Wavy Strands

This stylistic haircut combines beauty, innocence, and plain elegance in one stroke. If you’re planning to go to an event, try sporting this cut and you’ll surely amaze others!

Soft wavy bob cut for women
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Brown and Wavy

One of those mob haircuts that evoke simplicity and beauty at the same time, you’ll definitely stand out with this style. Brown seems a nice choice for the haircut.

Ombre bob hair for thick hair

Serenely Purple and Wavy Mob Cut

This is definitely a head-turner haircut that you should aim for. It evokes a sense of rebelliousness, as well a tinge of mystery which can make any man swoon over you. You might need a color-friendly shampoo to preserve the style.

pastel purple hairstyles - hair color ideas

Smoothly Layered with Black and Teal Combination

The smooth flow of the hair, along with the color combination, radiates a joyful glow to those who can see it. That effect on others will also rub off on you.

trendy medium ombre bob haircut for thick hair for black women

Thinly Layered Blonde Mob Cut

If you have thin hair, then this mob cut is meant for you. The smooth flow of the hair will give you that charming look, mixed with wild innocence. This hair can be easily combed and styled as you wish.

Trendy choppy bob hairstyle for women

Symmetrical Platinum Blonde Cut

Simple and clean, this haircut will bring your professional aura to a different level. Since the hair color is blonde, it will always make you look fresh. This is also one of those medium bob hairstyles that can be combed and fixed easily.

simple easy blunt bob hairstyle for work

Symmetrical Black Cut

Highly similar to the blonde variation, this style can bring out your ‘wildly elegant’ side. Black is also a fine color choice to make you look foxier than ever.

pretty long bob hairstyle for black women

Stylistic and Wavy Curls

Mob cuts with curls will always look cute and adorable. The waviness of this haircut will make you look younger by a couple of years. It may look shaggy from afar, but people will notice the wavy patterns as they approach you.

back view of medium messy bob hairstyle with highlights

Free-Flowing Strands in Golden Brown

This hair may appear shaggy to some people, but it’s actually a neatly-patterned cut hidden in golden brown stands. You can try this style if you’re looking forward to a lighter day.

Long A-line Bob Haircut with Waves

Steeply Angled Mob Cut in Dark Brown

This cut bears its own panache since it’s shaped like a comb and improved by dark brown color with few highlighted strands. The haircut can make you look more edgy.

Trendy bob hair ideas for 2016

Straight and Almost Shaggy Mob Cut

Just few centimeters short of your shoulder, this simple medium bob cut is best for days where you feel care-free. There’s almost no hassle in maintaining this haircut, since all you need is a fine comb.

Side view of cute Japanese girls bob hairstyle

Down-Swept Cut in Dark Brown

If you’re after a modern-day, witty chic look, then you should give this haircut a try. Dark brown is a great color choice because it makes you look sensitive. You’ll need a good hair cream to keep the hair glowing.

Side view of Aline long bob hairstyle

These are just some of the best mob haircuts today. Try mixing other styles and you can probably come up a variation of your own!

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