Malibu C For Different Hair Types

Our team of bloggers is made up of gorgeous gals (and a few lucky gents), all with very different hair types. We put Malibu C products to the test on three of our bloggers to see how the brand stacks up on different types of hair. Read on to see the results!

The bloggers: Ashley, Lauren & Megan

The hair types: Fine, natural & curly

The results:


Product requirements: My hair is extremely tangly. I’m always looking for the perfect moisturizer and detangler in one – which can be a task.

Experience: My favorite product was the Miracle Repair. I liked it because of the great texture and slip it gave my hair after shampooing, and really smoothed it out before I conditioned. My hair usually gets tangly after I shampoo, so the Miracle Repair is truly a miracle product for my washing and conditioning process. 

Bottom line: Malibu C products are awesome for scalp therapy and detangling power, especially on naturalistas like myself.


Product requirements: At the moment, I’m spending my summer days battling frizzy hair from the summer heat and rainy days. Finding products that don’t let my hair fall flat or frizz up throughout the day is becoming a big challenge. I look for products to help with frizz control, shine, color protection, and heat protection. 

Experience: Malibu C really lives up to the hype. The Color Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect texture for my hair, meaning they were thick enough to clean and smooth my hair but not too thicken that they weighed down my fine hair (which can be easy to do). 

I’m also in love with the Leave-In Mist Conditioner. I use it every single time I get out of the pool or shower. It leaves my hair instantly smelling better, and I can easily brush my strands without pulling out globs of my hair. 

After I used the Miracle Repair treatment, I couldn’t get over how my hair felt. My strands felt much stronger and less damaged than it has in a long time.

Bottom line: Malibu C products are designed for every hair type and issue – everything from color protection to scalp healing to hair health repairing. They worked so well on my thin/fine hair, and I’ll definitely be using them from now on!


Product requirements: My naturally curly hair is prone to frizz no matter the season. Any product I use MUST be catered toward curly hair, add moisture and decrease frizz for it to make it onto my list.

Experience: I really love this line. After even using the products a few times, you can totally tell the products are made with natural ingredients which is amazing! I love that these products are all about wellness and care for your hair and skin. The line works well with curly and color treated hair so it’s perfect for me. I am overall impressed with how the products work.

Specifically, Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner is amazing!! I absolutely noticed right away how much moisture it added to my hair following a few swims in the pool. I used this after running outside, as well. It really locks in moisture into my curly hair. I absolutely love it! 

Bottom line: The Malibu C brand features 100% vegan and natural hair care products that are 100% going to revitalize your hair, whatever challenge you have with it! These products work with every hair type and really offer a ‘treatment’ like feel to them. It can be pretty difficult for curly-haired gals like myself to be able to use products that work on all hair types, but I’m a believer with Malibu C.

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