7 Ways to Rock the Lace-Up Clothing Trend

7 Ways to Rock the Lace-Up Clothing Trend

Lace-up clothing has become a huge trend as of late. More and more popular dresses and shirts alike feature a lace-up closure at the chest that adds a fashionable focal point to your outfit. If you want to get in on this trend before it disappears but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off, keep reading to discover seven ways to rock the lace-up clothing trend.

1. Pull It Tight

7 Ways to Rock the Lace-Up Clothing Trend

Lace-up shirts, dresses, and bodysuits aren’t designed to help you show off every inch of your cleavage for the world to see. Instead, they allow you to offer a sexy tease of your chest without revealing everything.

Especially if you’re busty, keep the laces on your shirt or dress tied tightly and securely so that you don’t let everything show.

2. Laces Aren’t Just For the Chest

7 Ways to Rock the Lace-Up Clothing Trend

When you think of the lace-up clothing trend, you probably automatically think of lace-up closures at the chest. However, while this is the most popular manifestation of this trend, laces have been popping up more commonly in other places as well.

Embrace the lace-up clothing trend in every way it appears. Try a pair of leggings with lace-up bottoms or a dress with laces on the waist. If you experiment, you’ll discover your favorite way to rock lace-up clothes.

3. Pair With Plain

7 Ways to Rock the Lace-Up Clothing Trend

One of the best things about lace-up clothes is that the laces provide a great focal point for your look and allow you to keep the rest of your outfit fairly plain without looking blah or boring.

Pair your lace-up shirt or bodysuit with an A-line skirt or high-waisted jeans. You don’t have to work too hard to play up the rest of your outfit. Your lace detailing provides enough interest.

4. Skip the Necklace

7 Ways to Rock the Lace-Up Clothing Trend

You should never wear a necklace at the same time you’re wearing clothing that laces up at the chest. Even if the necklace is longer or shorter than the neckline of your shirt or dress and doesn’t hit the laces directly, your outfit will still look too busy and overcrowded if you try to pair laces with neck jewelry.

5. Embrace Layers

7 Ways to Rock the Lace-Up Clothing Trend

Lace-up shirts and dresses provide you with the perfect opportunity to layer your clothes. Layering a camisole or bralette underneath your lace-up shirt, dress, or bodysuit helps you cover up cleavage if you feel uncomfortable showing too much. It also provides extra interest to your look.

Try layering a tank top or bralette with lace trim underneath your lace-up clothing to add subtle femininity and style to your outfit.

6. Tuck It In

7 Ways to Rock the Lace-Up Clothing Trend

Tight lace-up shirts and bodysuits look great when you tuck them into a skirt or a pair of jeans. Many shirts look strange or unbalanced when you tuck them in. However, because tight lace-up shirts and bodysuits are clingy and feature interesting detailing, they add perfect harmony to your outfit when they’re tucked into your pants, shorts, or skirt.

7. Go Fancy

7 Ways to Rock the Lace-Up Clothing Trend

Lace-up shirts and dresses don’t always have to look casual or boho chic. They can be professional and fancy, too, depending on how you wear them.

Try a loose, lace-up shirt with a blouse style if you’re going to a business event or somewhere that you need to look professional. Tuck your tight lace-up shirt or bodysuit into a miniskirt and pair it with heels to add fanciness and formality to your look. You can wear lace-up clothes anywhere, from the grocery store to a work meeting to a cocktail party.

The lace-up clothing trend is great, but it can be difficult to pull off successfully. Use this post to learn about seven ways to rock the lace-up clothing trend and gain new style ideas for a fresh, trendy wardrobe.

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