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Mena Suvari’s Tattoos – Upper Back Lettering Tattoo

Sexy American pie Mena Suvari appeared at Maxfields clothing store in Los Angeles and left people a deep impression because her short hairstyle exposes her wonderful back lettering tattoo which reads words sound power.

The lettering tattoo can act a magic function since you can choose various kinds of letters or words according to your mood or belief. Besides, you can opt for different colors and shapes.

Mena Suvari' Tattoos - Upper Back Lettering Tattoo
Mena Suvari’ Tattoos /Source: PacificCoastNews

If you want to show off your back lettering tattoo just like Mena Suvari, you can wear a braces skirt.

Mena Suvari' Style
Mena Suvari’ Style /Source: PacificCoastNews

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