Allison Green fashion style

Allison Green’s Tattoos & Meanings

Currently, Allison Green’s tattoos add up to 10 fabulous images, including a gorgeous full-sleeve tattoo on her left arm. California girl, Allison Green’s tattoos are a mix of styles and with a Japanese mother, Allison’s dual-heritage has influenced

Avril Lavigne tattoos - star tattoos on hip

15 Avril Lavigne Tattoos & Meanings

Avril Lavigne Tattoos’ Meanings & the Huge Tat She’s Got Planned for the Future! Avril Lavigne tattoos are small, but beautifully drawn, and provide an incredible ‘behind the scenes’ insight into her huge personality! How many tattoos does Avril La

Ash Costellos Tattoos - Love Kills

18 Ash Costellos Tattoos & Meanings

New Year’s Day lead vocalist, Ash Costellos tattoos include 9 tattoos on her right arm, (which she plans to make into a full sleeve), four on her hands and two little tattoos behind her ears. Ash Costellos tattoos reveal lots about her big personality and be